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Residency in Mexico: 2024 Economic Solvency Requirements & Fees

Determining your economic solvency has been a challenge for anyone who is interested in residency in Mexico. The most important thing to remember when considering your economic solvency is that the Mexican Consulate that you start your application with will determine if you meet the requirements. ...

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Why do I have to provide sensitive personal information to create a corporation in Mexico?

When it comes to conducting business in Mexico as a foreigner, meticulous attention to legal and tax considerations is paramount. The appropriateness of establishing a Mexican company hinges on various factors such as the business type, its structure, and financing requirements. ...

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Creation of a Mexican company: When it is convenient to establish one

When operating a business in Mexico as a foreigner, various legal and tax considerations must be considered. These considerations depend on the type of business to be developed, its structure, and its financing. Establishing a Mexican company may be the most suitable way to conduct these activities because it has its own legal personality and a Federal Taxpayer Registry (tax identification number in Mexico) to fulfill tax obligations....

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What is a General Assembly of Condominium Owners?

The law establishes the General Assembly of Condominium Owners as the supreme administrative body that will govern the organization and social functioning of the Condominium Property Regime. A General Assembly is necessary for a condominium to carry out its administration responsibilities and to generate a healthy coexistence among the owners through orderly and regulated voting.  The General Assembly must be governed by a public deed that stipulates the organization and administration of the condominium, in addition to designating a person in charge of carrying out these tasks. These are normally carried out in either ordinary or extraordinary assemblies.  Ordinary assemblies must be...

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