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Requesting an Appointment with a Mexican Consulate

If you have ever attempted to call a consulate for information or to schedule an appointment, you know how frustrating it can be. Typically you are not able to speak to a human being, you may receive a constant busy signal or a message stating they will not answer questions over the phone. Did you know some consulates allow you to register and request an appointment online? Read on to find out how.

In order to apply for residency in Mexico, either temporary or permanent, you need to ask for an appointment at a Mexican consulate. You are not required to visit the consulate located in your hometown; you may apply at any Mexican consulate around the world.

In a few consulates, you are not required to make an appointment. For example, the Philadelphia Mexican consulate accepts walk-ins; arrive with your documents during office hours. In the majority of Mexican consulates, there are two ways to request an appointment, the appointment process is decided by individual consulates, and you can learn more through the Mexican consulate web page. The options include by email or phone or online through MEXITEL.

To schedule an appointment through MEXITEL, click on the following link:


On the MEXITEL website, create an account, fill in the form with the required information and set up a password. Once this is complete, you may select the language, country, zip code and schedule an appointment for the date you prefer among the consulate’s availability. To get an appointment through MEXITEL, you will also have to provide your complete name, date of birth, passport number, email address, phone number and in some cases your parents’ last names.

Note that in some consulates and during busy periods of the year, you will have to wait until the beginning of the month to see the availability for the month.

Immediately after completing the form, you will receive a confirmation by email;  print it and bring this confirmation to your appointment together with the other required documentation.

Example: https://embamex.sre.gob.mx/india/images/pdf/howtomakevisaappointment.pdf

Requirements may differ according to the different consulates, for example in the Mexican consulate in Paris; you may only apply as a temporary resident if you are an investor in Mexico, they do not accept financial records as the consulates do in Canada and US.

In all Mexican consulates, you are required to bring your passport with at least six months validity left before the expiration date, the original and one photocopy of another valid ID (driver’s license, ID card). A passport-size color picture, a complete application, which may be downloaded online from the consulate website and $36 USD, typically required in cash.

In Canada and US, you will have to prove your financial solvency or investments in Mexico such as corporations and/or properties.

For financial solvency, in general, you are required to supply documents proving economic solvency such as:

  • Original and one photocopy (notarized in many cases) of investments or savings account statements from the last twelve (12) months


  • Original and one photocopy (notarized) of bank statements or pay stubs from the last six (6) months.

In some consulates, Denver, for example you are required to bring a  letter written in Spanish requesting residency in Mexico. The letter must indicate the address, city or town where you plan to reside in Mexico and your travel date. The letter must state that you are aware that this visa does not permit you to gain an income in Mexico.

The consulates require an average monthly balance of a determined sum of funds for the last 12 months, or proof of a determined monthly income.

  • The financial requirements may differ between consulates and may fluctuate with the exchange rate.

Generally speaking, we can say that in order to receive temporary residency you need to prove you have investments or savings accounts statements of over $25,000 USD from the last twelve (12) months or bank statements or payslips from the last six (6) months. The monthly income must exceed $1,500 USD plus $500 for each dependent.

Canada and US consulates will accept property ownership in Mexico valued over $150,000 USD or ownership in a Mexican company with $ 90,000 USD invested in shares or properties, including real estate property in the company name.

For permanent residency, the required financials are $100,000 USD in investments or savings, or $2,500 USD of salary or pension per month.

Due to constantly changing requirements and false information about residency in Mexico, you may want to speak to the professionals. Ensure your procedure is done correctly and efficiently, contact an immigration specialist at Mexlaw.