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Getting a CURP Number for Foreigners with Residency in Mexico

The CURP “Clave Única de Registro de Población” in English, Unique Population Registry Code is Mexico’s version of Social Security or Social Insurance number. The CURP is a unique identification number which is assigned to each person living in Mexico. You will have this same CURP number for life.

If you are residing in Mexico and hold a Temporary Resident Card or Permanent Resident Card you will need to apply for your CURP; it is probably the easiest step of your immigration process, There is no added cost to receive the CURP.

The CURP is required when you apply for a Mexican driver’s license, apply for employment, file taxes, apply for an RFC Registro Federal de Contribuyentes (a tax identification number), register a vehicle in Mexico, start a business, or open a bank account.  You will also require a CURP for Civil Registry, and any other government services including free healthcare and a senior discount program called INAPAM. http://www.gob.mx/inapam.

Only the INM can issue a CURP to non-Mexican citizens.  In Playa del Carmen you may make a request at the Immigration office Monday through Friday from 9 till 10 am, or you may contact your immigration specialist for the CURP letter and instructions.

Immigration will require the following documents:

  • Original and a copy of your passport
  • Your resident card
  • The CURP request letter

The card is quick and easy to apply for and receive, and because it is a photocopy of a card you may wish to laminate it for protection, but the best part is if you lose your original CURP card you may print another copy from the following link: