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Intellectual Property

Experienced Business Leaders recognize that Intellectual Property (IP), such as Trademarks and Patents, is a valuable asset that requires protecting. In some cases that asset is worth more than the total of its physical property.  When considering establishing a business or expanding into a new market, consideration should be given to registering and protecting IP immediately and not later.


Intellectual Property is recognized worldwide. However regional and local regulatory environments vary. Therefore, hiring a local expert is essential to protecting your IP and reducing the possibility of counterfeiting or “Passing-Off” (intentionally confusing the consumer as to the origin of the product or service).


Our expertise includes IP portfolio management, assistance and recommendations in product and trademark development, securing of IP registration, licensing, and sale of IP. We accomplish this with the assistance of local, trusted, reliable collaborators such as graphic artists, engineers, and scientific experts, when required. Also, in collaboration with our Litigation Support Team, we will monitor the illegal use of and defend IP rights including Domain Names.


For more information on IP in Mexico read the article: “What is the importance of registering a trademark?”


The following table is an indication of the fee structure for IP services in Mexico. Please contact us for a personalized consultation and fee estimate.

  • Complete Package
  • USD 791 /mo
    • Telephone Consultation
    • Name Availability (Phonetic Search)
    • Rush Service
    • Email Report
    • Trademark Registration & Logo (Includes Fees)
    • Registration Certificate by Scan & Original by Mail
    • 1 Year of Monitoring
    • 1 Contestation
    • Includes Mexican Sales Tax
  • More info

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