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Timeshare Services

NOTICE – Individuals have been contacting Timeshare Owners claiming to be from Mexlaw. This is an attempted defraud. Mexlaw will never contact you unless you are already a client off the Firm. Also, we only use the domaine address Mexlaw in all Emails. Please report these attempted frauds to your local Police.

We know how attractive a timeshare in Mexico can sound, owning a vacation spot at a beautiful Mexican beach resort is a dream come true. The salesperson makes timeshare ownership so enticing; it is almost impossible to resist. Although there are legitimate companies offering excellent services and benefits to timeshare buyers, you must be aware of the unscrupulous companies who are not looking out for your best interest. 


If you decide to buy a timeshare in Mexico, we recommend you consider the following before signing any contract.

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Protect Your Investment:

Take time to understand the monthly expenses of a timeshare, such as maintenance fees which seem to increase each year, ask your salesperson if there is a cap on these fees and make sure it is documented in your contract.

Speak to other timeshare owners about the property.

Compare the resort to others, amenities, maintenance fees, and availability.

Do not allow the salesperson to pressure you into signing anything in haste.

Make sure any promises and gifts are included in the contract.

Do not sign Spanish only documents without prior legal advice.

Your Timeshare Contract Must Include:

Obligations and benefits of the timeshare purchase

The name and address of the sales representative

Details of all costs associated with the deal, maintenance fees, taxes, and any other expenses

Any verbal promises made by the salesperson


Timeshare cancellation within the first five days of signing contract

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Five Day Grace Period for Timeshare Cancellation

If you got swept away by the possibilities of a Timeshare in Mexico and now that the excitement has worn off, you may have buyer’s remorse. Fortunately, there is a cancellation grace option period of five business days from the date of signing in which to cancel a Timeshare contract (despite what the salesperson may tell you). If you are within the rescission period, MexLaw can send a letter requesting a cancellation of the contract and the refund of your deposit. If this fails to solicita positive response, we can then file a claim with PROFECO (Mexico’s Consumer Protection Agencies that licenses Timeshare operators) to cancel the contract.

Timeshare Cancellation After the Grace Period

Effective January first, 2021, we no longer accept any new mandates for the cancellation of Time Share Contracts beyond the five days grace period mentioned above.


We suggest that you contact PROFECO (www.gob.mx/profeco/documentos/concilia-desde-el-extranjero?state=publisged), the Mexican equivalent of Consumer Protection Agency of the Government and file a request to cancel. Be patient and persistent as almost every contract is cancelled as Time Share vendors rarely respect the law in regard to compliance of their contracts or use unfair marketing and sales strategies to sell their products.

You will only have to provide us with the required documents – leave the rest to us!

Be aware: Timeshare Resale Fraud

Timeshare resale frauds have become increasingly prevalent in the past years. Unsolicited contact offering to sell your time share are most likely fraudsters. We receive at least a dozen requests per week from victims in the same situation.


Do not send money, do not follow their instructions, and do not trust them; this is fraud.


You do not need any type of tax registration or obtain a tax number, permit, license, nor do you need to pay any taxes on the sale of the timeshare. Another common fraud is making people believe there was a judgment rendered in their favor providing compensation or an amount of money they may have lost in a timeshare fraud. Those documents are false. You do not need to pay a tax or other fee to receive this money if it was authentic.


Regrettably, MexLaw can not provide you any further information about these attempted frauds, if the proposal made to you is legitimate nor recover any money lost in such a fraud.  Please do not contact us to this end.