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Our primary client base is foreigners interested in living, investing, doing business or retiring in Mexico. MexLaw is a law firm which is owned and operated by licensed Canadian and American lawyers. The founders have partnered with Mexican lawyers with the experience and competence to represent our clients in a variety of legal matters. For more than five years, our team of 35 including 12 lawyers have offered professional legal services including real estate law, personal injury, labor law, commercial law, immigration to Mexico and customs and import matters. Our lawyers are experienced in the particulars of Mexican law and culture and are accountable to our Bar Association’s rules of Ethical Conduct as well as international professional standards. This makes MexLaw among the most respected international law firms in Mexico. We pride ourselves on personalized service, with transparent and open communication with our clients. Services are provided in English, Spanish, Italian and French with offices in Canada, and in Mexico Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Puerto Vallarta, and Merida.

To continue to act in the best interest of our clients, to protect and defend their rights and assets and be accountable to our Bar Association’s rules of Ethical Conduct as well as international professional standards.

Continue to grow as the most recommended and respected international law firms in Mexico for foreigners living or investing in Mexico.

Ethics, Professionalism, Honesty, and Respect, with transparent and open communication with our clients.

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Services are provided in English, Spanish, Italian and French.



Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Puerto Vallarta, Merida and Montreal.


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Legal services including real estate law, personal injury, labor law, commercial law, immigration.

Meet Our Legal Team



Senior Lawyer

CEO of MEXLAW, Charles graduated from the University of Ottawa in 1982 and has been a member of the Bar of Quebec since 1983 with occasional practice at the Bar of Ontario. His career spans more than 35 years during which he has litigated civil matters before all instances in Canadian courts. Charles is also a successful entrepreneur and has participated in multiple real estate transactions and commercial negotiations. He is an Attorney and CEO of Tibshirani Avocats, a respected law firm in Montreal, Canada.



Senior Lawyer

Attorney and Senior Partner at Mexlaw, Gerardo is a law graduate from the Interamerican University for Development in Merida, and certified as an English language speaker by the Britannia General English Program (Vancouver, Canada). His experience includes corporate law, labor law and notarization (trading, donation wills, corporations, faith acts, contracts, agreements, etc.). He practiced as legal counsel and as a legal analyst in Merida, Yucatán. Gerardo was recently certified by the National Association of Mexican Notaries for his participation at the seminar of Legislative Fiscal Update.


Director Assistant

Rebecca Page is originally from the United States. After a 20-year career in Corporate America, Rebecca moved to Mexico where she began working as an English-teacher and eventually Editor of The Playa Times. Working and living in Mexico has allowed Rebecca the opportunity to fully appreciate the challenges faced by foreigners investing and/or moving to Mexico, and with that experience helps create a bridge for English-speaking foreigners working with Mexlaw.




A member of the Quebec Bar Association since 1984, Edouard has extensive experience in private practice with more than 18 years in medium and large Quebec-based law firms, with a focus in commercial law, banking litigation, bankruptcy and insolvency, business restructuring, raising capital for startups, including involvement as director of numerous private entities. Edouard is Vice President of Sawnode Technologies Ltd., a Quebec City-based manufacturing company selling specialty products to primary aluminum smelters in Canada, Europe, and the Middle East. He is also Executive Chairman and Founder of KOBO Resources Inc., a private junior mining company with exploration titles and activities in Cote d’ Ivoire, West Africa. He is a strategic advisor, having acquired more than 15 years of experience in the management of high tech and industrial companies.



Laura received her law degree from South University in Playa del Carmen. She has over three years of experience in corporate law and has completed several courses including Dissolution and Liquidation of Commercial Companies, Practical Study of the Tax Regime of Trustee (fideicomiso) and Corporate Analysis of the Commercial Company, and Assembly Records for Commercial Companies.



Cinthya obtained her Bachelor of Law degree at Tec Milenio Cancun University in 2013. With over four years of legal experience, she is currently working toward a Masters in Corporate Law at the University Humanitas and has completed the following certifications: management skills, labor law and criminal law, Certification in General Principles of Constitutional Law, e-leadership.



Received his law degree from La Salle University, being one of the most recognized private universities in the country. As a student he began working as a legal assistant, as well as an intern and administrative officer in federal courts.

At the end of his studies, he applied a general knowledge exam before the National Center for Evaluation of Higher Education (CENEVAL), satisfactorily accrediting said evaluation. With more than 4 years of experience, he has developed as a lawyer with skills in the fields of civil, family, commercial, labor and administrative law.



Silvana is a law graduate from Yucatan’s State University with a masters degree in Constitutional law and Amparo from the Modelo University In Yucatán. Silvana has completed multiple law courses related to constitutional law, corporate and commercial law, oral trials training, and other related matters. Silvana has more than four years of experience in litigation cases related to civil, commercial, constitutional, administrative, family and labor matters. She also has more than three years in administrative procedures related to corporate matters like brand property, assemblies, licenses, and public office requirements for companies and business.



Bethsabé is a law graduate from the Interamerican University for Development in Mérida. She gained her professional experience in Calgary, Alberta, where she specialized in Canadian corporate law and migration law. She is an active member of the Mexican Academy of Law, Civil Association: Youth Chapter, where she collaborates on articles and law-related activities.



Ricardo received a law degree with a specialization in Corporate Law from the Interamerican University for Development in Campeche. He has over 9 years of experience in Litigation matters in the área of Civil Law, Corporate Law, and Commercial Law, Ricardo has trial and appellate experience before Federal and State Courts and representing clients in mediation and arbitration, he has worked as an external consultant in several private sector companies and also worked as a professor at diverse universities in the state of Campeche, such as the Inter American University for Development, the University of Valle de Grijalva, the Rene Descartes Technological Institute for Higher Studies, teaching classes on Civil, Corporate and Family Law.



Beatriz is a graduate from Universidad Interamericana de Campeche, certified by Anahuac University in 2015. She has three years experience as a paralegal and legal assistant. Beatriz’s responsibilities include the review of contracts, documentation, support in real estate transactions and immigration procedures.



Alejandro studied in Universidad Interamericana para el Desarrollo. He has been practicing corporate and real estate law since 2014, collaborating in different Notary Offices where he participated in and lead numerous real estate and corporate transactions.



Cristina studied at the Inter-American University for Development, has focused her studies in corporate law and has more than six years of experience in notarial Law, giving legal consultations and cunducting multiple private and public contracts. Taking several update courses provided by the National College of Mexican Notaries NPO (Colegio Nacional de Notariado Mexicano A.C.) has also contributed to her academic career. Additionally, she has worked in the sales sector for the real estate sector.



Karla is a trilingual lawyer graduated from the law school of the Universidad Iberoamericana. She studied at Sciences Po Lille University in France and collaborated at the Mexican Consulate in Paris. Karla has a background in international law and migration.



Amaranta Carpio has a Law Degree from Humanitas University, she is an Authorized Translator by the Judicial Power of the State of Quintana Roo for more than 6 years, Amaranta took language and translation courses in Canadá and Mexico at the University of Victoria, and the La Salle University. For the recent years, Amaranta has been working for Traductores Laura Tapia, a translation office, She took a criminalistics diploma course, and she is currently a Degree student for the Diploma course on Money Laudering and she has just finished her Master’s Degree in Criminal Law.



Alondra is an attorney graduated from the University of Quinatana Roo. Alondra has completed different courses such as criminal procedure, human rights, and public speaking. She has experience in Notarial Law, Corporate Law and Real Estate Law (pre-sale closing and post-sale closing procedures).



Graduated from Facultad de Estudios Superiores Acatlan, UNAM. Studying a Diploma in Criminal Amparo at the same university. I have two years of experience in law firms as an intern in Civil, Family, Labor matters, reviewing files, agreements, attending proceedings with actuaries, turning files.



Georgina is a law graduate from the Marista University of Mérida, currently she is completing her master’s degree in Business law. She has completed multiple law courses related to civil contracts, taxes and labor matters.
Georgina has more than five years of experience in public and private contracts, assemblies and public requirements for companies and business, also has more than three years in litigation cases related to civil and familiar matters.



Victoria was born in Spain, and came to Mexico when she was little. Here she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Universidad de las Américas Puebla, and a Diploma in E-Justice from Universidad Anahuac. She attended to multiple congresses regarding constitutional law and human rights. Also, she has one year experience on civil, family and corporative law. Currently, she has been working with closings in Real Estate.



With a bachellor`s law degree from Universidad de Colima and an International Business Law Master´s degree from Università di Roma Uno “La sapienza”. Has proffesional license to exercise its bachellor law degree since 2013 in the Mexican territory, having experience on litigation field regarding commercial and civil law practice, and since 2017 is specialized on real-estate and corporate law matters.



Andrés is a law graduate from Interamerican University for Development (UNID). Andrés has completed multiple law courses related to contract law. Andrés has more than one year experience related to corporate law, contracts and assemblies.



Daniela is an accounting graduate from Universidad de la Riviera in Playa del Carmen. She gained her professional experience in Playa del Carmen and is an active member of the Mexico College of Accountants where she stays up to date on accounting practices through continuing education courses.



Jenny gained her professional administration experience by working for several private organizations. She is an intern from the Universidad de la Riviera where she is pursuing a degree in Administration and Development with a specialty in tourism management and planning. She has also completed various courses in accounting, marketing, and human resources.



Alejandra was born in the city of San Luis Potosí, she is an economist graduated from the UASLP, she has completed various courses in administration and corporate finance, she has gained her professional experience in national and international companies in administrative and logistics areas. Currently in Mexlaw, Alejandra focuses on the administration of the firm’s national banks.



Yorman is a graduate from Universidad de Quintana Roo with a degree in Tourism with a specialty in strategic and financial planning, touristic promotion and business management. He is a detail-oriented, efficient and organized professional with four years experience in strategic administration in private organizations. He also worked for the Secretaría de Turismo in the infrastructure department where he developed his skills in resource planning and project management. He has completed various courses in accounting, innovation systems, organizational development, and human resources.


Customer Service

I was born in the City of Puebla. I came to Playa del Carmen to vacation several times since 1998, until 2005 when I decided to stay to live permanently. In love with the natural beauty of the Mexican Caribbean and its surroundings, I finished my high school studies here to then enter college and graduate in Administration and Tourist Development. I started working on the media (radio, magazines and newspapers) and later moved to the field of real estate and closing services.


Customer Service

Zuzanna graduated from Wroclaw University of Technology in Poland with a Master of Engineering degree in Enviromental science, and Bachelor’s degree in marketing research. However, her passion for foreign cultures and languages brought her to work in many destinations abroad, in particuar in European Parliament in Belgium, and in event organisation in France. Now she wants to bring the best service and support for Mexlaw clients in English, French, Spanish and Polish language.



A graduate of Riviera University with a bachelor’s degree in touristic administration and development, she has been in many courses, such as, international sales, human resource management, Corporate Strategic Management and many more. Currently at Mexlaw, Pamela focuses on the company’s national banks administration and bookkeeping.



Graduate of the Instituto Tecnológico de Mérida as an Engineer in computer systems Ricardo Cámara throughout his career has focused on the management of Servers, development and control of Telecommunications infrastructure, Cyber Security, as well as development of web pages, occupying the position of Webmaster within the company since 2015.

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