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Real Estate Legal Services

Imagine having an experienced team of professionals accompany you through the entire process of purchasing real estate in Mexico.

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Escrow Services

When purchasing an international property, an important consideration will be to determine under what conditions the transaction funds will be held and distributed.

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Real Estate Closing Services

You choose the property and we do the rest. MexLaw closing services are the most comprehensive in the Mexican real estate market.

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Personal Injury

The Personal Injury Lawyers team at MexLaw are dedicated to obtaining a fair and quick compensation for injury victims recovering from tragic accidents.

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Immigration Services

MexLaw offers immigration services to foreigners who want to reside or work in Mexico. We can help you obtain your immigration visas, certificates and permissions.

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Timeshare Cancellation

There are many legitimate vacation or timeshare companies, but you need to be aware of the less scrupulous timeshare companies in Mexico.

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Tax Law

MexLaw helps you understand the complexities of the Mexican tax system, guiding you in the management and payment of taxes and duties that are necessary.

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Labour Law

MexLaw will help you administer individual and collective hiring of employees, assisting in the reconciliation of labour disputes and guidance with regards to aspects ...

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Civil Law

MexLaw provides legal services to meet your particular needs that do not involve commercial activities. We will assist in the creation and approval of civil contracts ...

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Corporation Services

MexLaw’s team of corporate lawyers have the experience and competence to help you establish a business in Mexico.

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Criminal Law

MexLaw provides professional legal defense in criminal and professional matters, ensuring that you have a fair trial and protecting your rights in Mexico’s Criminal ...

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Business Services

MexLaw has an extensive network of business contacts, ranging from innovative entrepreneurs to experienced investors.

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MEXLAW is the only Mexican based law firm that is owned and operated by licensed Canadian and American Lawyers that have partnered with Mexican lawyers. Need help with any kind of legal issues?