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Timeshares: If it sounds too good to be true…

Maybe you met the incredibly persuasive timeshare salespeople at the airport when you landed in Cancun. Or, perhaps you signed up for the timeshare talk just to get some free drinks or an excursion. Whatever the circumstances, during your meeting with the incredibly friendly and outgoing timeshare salesperson, you looked out over the incredible resort with the blue skies overhead and the turquoise Caribbean lapping at white sands, and just knew, you want this opportunity! ...

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Are you planning selling your Mexican property? Don’t forget to consider your capital gains tax

Last Update: May 1, 2024

Whether you are a Mexican national, a Mexican resident or a foreigner, if you are selling your property in Mexico, you may be liable to pay a capital gains tax.There are ways to reduce or claim exemption from capital gains. Before you complete the sale of your property, you should seek the advice of an accountant in Mexico. The assessment of capital gains tax in Mexico can be complicated and changes over the years.

Mexico’s Construction Sector Poised for Resurgence in 2024: Opportunities and Investments in Premium Real Estate Soar

In 2023, formal housing construction witnessed a notable slowdown, marked by significant minimal figures. The industry grappled with several challenges, including escalating construction and financing costs due to high interest rates, alongside regulatory hurdles and dwindling sales due to diminished purchasing power....

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