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Legal Services

MEXLAW has a multidisciplinary legal team that covers a large variety of areas of law, to meet your business or personal needs in Mexico. Whether you want to carry or take any legal action, MEXLAW can support you with a team of lawyers who, with their vast knowledge, will defend and promote your interests.


MEXLAW will help you administer individual and collective hiring of employees, assisting in the reconciliation of labour disputes and guidance with regards to aspects of Mexican labour law for the proper administration of employee activities.

Services Include:

Labour litigation/disputes.

Labour administration.

Management liquidations and / or settlements.

Preparation and negotiation of individual or group labour contracts.


MEXLAW provides legal services to meet your particular needs that do not involve commercial activities. We will assist in the creation, ratification and approval of civil contracts, property management and guidance in matters related to family and estate planning.

Services Include:

Advice in matters of succession.

Merger and division of property.

Procedures and litigation in family matters.

Negotiation and drafting of civil contracts.


MEXLAW will guide commercial activities that you undertake in Mexico by support you in, drafting commercial contracts, negotiating with other companies and, of course, legally establish, modify and manage of your company.

Services Include:

Corporate reviews.

Trademark registrations.

Legal assistance to corporations.

Corporate books, certificates for capital assets and sales.

Registration with the Public Registry of Property and Commerce.


MEXLAW provides professional legal defense in criminal and professional matters, ensuring that you have a fair trial and protecting your rights in Mexico’s Criminal Courts. We also provides legal defense in matters of deportation and extradition.

Services Include:

Defense in criminal matters.

Assistance and processing of complaints and disputes.

Attendance at the conciliation stage and criminal mediation.

Assistance and defense of victims of crime during criminal proceedings.


MEXLAW helps you understand the complexities of the Mexican tax system, guiding you in the management and payment of taxes and duties that are necessary to operate your business.

Services Include:

Tax conciliation proceedings and litigation.

Registration with the Federal Taxpayers Registry.

Management procedures for the Ministry of Finance (SHCP) and the Tax Administration System (SAT).

Advice on the preparation and reporting under the Foreign Investment Law (LIE) and Regulations.

We also offer personal and business accounting services via our sister company MexTax. Click button below for more info.

Accounting Services


MEXLAW has an extensive network of business contacts, ranging from innovative entrepreneurs to experienced investors. This valuable network is at your disposal to increase revenue for your business and to strengthen relationships in the Mexican and international markets.

Services Include:

Attracting new customers.

Negotiating collaboration between companies.

Finding potential partners and partner enterprises.

Sourcing and hiring employees to management positions.

Need help with any kind of legal issues?