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What is a General Assembly of Condominium Owners?

The law establishes the General Assembly of Condominium Owners as the supreme administrative body that will govern the organization and social functioning of the Condominium Property Regime. A General Assembly is necessary for a condominium to carry out its administration responsibilities and to generate a healthy coexistence among the owners through orderly and regulated voting.  The General Assembly must be governed by a public deed that stipulates the organization and administration of the condominium, in addition to designating a person in charge of carrying out these tasks. These are normally carried out in either ordinary or extraordinary assemblies.  Ordinary assemblies must be...

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Divorce in Mexico – Part 1

Divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage, at the request of one or both parties, under the process and reasons established by law. Divorce also implies the separation of things or persons that are or should be united or related by the matrimonial bond, as well as the dissolution of the society that has been formed by the marriage. ...

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Postnups Agreement – Part 2

In Mexico, the term "postnup" refers to a postnuptial agreement or marital agreement entered into after marriage to establish terms and conditions related to assets and other legal aspects in the event of divorce or separation. Although postnups are not specifically regulated in Mexican legislation, it is possible to enter into and recognize them in the country. Here are some general requirements and considerations for postnups in Mexico: Voluntary agreement: Both parties must voluntarily agree to enter into a postnup and be in agreement with its terms and conditions....

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Prenups and Postnups Agreement – Part 1

Prenups: A prenuptial agreement is a contract written prior to a marriage that defines terms of divorce to foresee a positive outcome for both spouses in the event of a dissolution. A postnuptial agreement is a simple prenuptial but written after a marriage is performed. In Mexico, it is possible to recognize and enforce foreign prenuptial agreements, as long as they comply with certain requirements. Here is a summary of the types and requirements for foreign prenuptial agreements in Mexico: They are marital agreements executed before a Notary public or the competent official of the Civil Registry in the country of origin. These civil...

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