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Immigration to Canada

Immigrating to Canada to Work or Study

Each year, Canada receives thousands of immigrants and their families whose skills respond to market needs and make it easier for them to find work. This could be your opportunity. Its estimated that Canada will need more than 1.4 million of new employment opportunities and at least one- third will have to be filled by immigration.

Also, Canadian schools and in particular the Universities and Professional Training Schools are ranked among the best in the World.

Mexlaw, an International Canadian Law Firm established in Mexico, has the experience, Qualified lawyers to help you to attain your dream of working or studying in Canada.

Why choose Canada?

Because immigrants to Canada find good job opportunities and one of the best qualities of life in the World-both in urban centers and rural areas. Canada has been ranked as the #1 country in the world in 2019 for Quality of Life for the fourth year in a row. Overall Canada also ranked as a third best country in the world for women, third for education and second for corporate headquarters the world.

Canada is one of the safest countries in the world.

Canada has some of the best educational facilities in the world.

Canada you can achieve your goals, push your limits, and expand your horizons.

Canada aloud you to lead a full and happy life. Its as simple as that!

Interested in applying to immigrate to Canada?

This selection application process is now based on the expression of interest principle. If you are interested in immigration to Canada, you must first complete and submit preliminary application. The Government of Canada and in some cases certain Provinces will consider them and required that you submit a permanent selection application.

How We Can Help


Your 5-step procedure!

1. Find out more about Canada on word you want to live

Canada is a huge country with diverse areas and opportunities some provinces have language requirement you should know about before applying. Are you interested in working studying and living in Canada? Mexlaw will consider each applicant individually and provide valuable information to consider before moving forward. This is a simple and inexpensive way to determinate if your immigration project is feasible.

2. Mexlaw will evaluate your application

To terminate which category best search the candidate: Student, Temporary Worker, Permanent Worker or Investor Resident.

3. Apply for immigration

Once a category is selected, Mexlaw will help you collect all the relevant documentation necessary and file with you your application the Canadian Government and or the Province selected. If your application is selected you will then be invited to apply for permanent selection.

4. Prepare before your departure to Canada

You will soon discover new opportunities, cultures and languages in Canada, and the place where you have decided to settle. We will help prepare you and take certain steps while you are still aboard. This will you ease your integration after your arrival.

5. Continue supporting you to successfully integrate

From the moment you arrive, we will accompany you through the entire integration process, help find affordable accommodation, give you valuable information on living in your country another thing to your new environment. To make your integration process as simple and agreeable as possible we help find you suitable employment opportunity and guide you with the services offered by the government and its partner organizations.

Contact us now and start your new future in Canada.