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Relocating to Mexico – Tourist Destination or Residential Area?

When traveling in Mexico, most foreigners visit and fall all in love with the tourist side of town, but if you are relocating to Mexico would you choose to live in the tourist area or a residential area?

As a new resident in Mexico you may want to live in a tourist town, get out an about, meet new people, enjoy the hustle-bustle of the tourist streets, but once you settle in you may yearn for a quieter place to call home. Everyone’s ideal home is different; some prefer a secluded house in the jungle and some like the city life, in this article we will weigh the advantages and disadvantages of living in a tourist town. 


  • English is spoken in many Mexican tourist towns, making it easier to get established in a new country.
  • English speaking service providers including, international law firms, immigration lawyers, real estate agents, insurance brokers, bankers, and utility providers. 
  • Tourist towns are full of expats and tourists, meeting and connecting with people from all over the world is easy.
  • Investing in Mexican real estate in the tourist zone guarantees your investment will increase in value and provide an opportunity to earn an income by renting the property.
  • High-end real estate developments with fitness centers, swimming pools, rental pools, property manager, and 24-security.
  • Familiar big-box chains and other amenities are readily available for foreigners on the tourist side of town.
  • In an area where the economy depends on tourism, there may be more attention paid to infrastructure, road maintenance, sidewalks, and groomed beaches.
  • Travel is more convenient in a tourist town, public transportation, taxis, airport transportation and typically tourist areas are proximity to the airport.


  • You will not learn Spanish if you do not practice, living in an area where English is not common improves your Spanish. The quickest way to learn is through necessity. 
  • You may not have the opportunity to meet locals and learn about the countries genuine character and culture. 
  • Non-tourist areas have a sense of community and are less transient than the tourist side of town. 
  • Investing in property – you will get more square feet for your dollar in a rural community, bigger homes, and larger plots of land. 
  • Non-tourist areas are a preferred option for people not interested in condo life or dealing with an HOA – homeowners association.
  • The higher cost of living in a tourist zone is geared towards foreigners.
  • The streets in a tourist area are usually crowded and noisy, with vendors, live music, and late-night bars, residential areas offer quiet neighborhoods with working families and earlier nights.

Many foreigners prefer to rent for six months to a year and get familiarized with the different areas and then decide where to invest. The tourist areas are exciting for short term visits, and some expats enjoy the condo life with all the amenities found in tourist areas, while some prefer the non-tourist areas and peaceful living.

Did you know that investing in Mexico will help you obtain your residency visa? 

If you are interested in purchasing real estate in Mexico or obtaining residency, contact the expert real estate and immigration lawyers at MexLaw, we can get you started.

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