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Retiring in Mexico – Maintain Your Health by Volunteering

Moving to Mexico means a lower cost of living and the opportunity to retire sooner, and if you retire early, you probably are not ready for a rocking chair. There are plenty of activities to fill your days in Mexico, but if you are looking to give back and meet amazing people, volunteering may be what you are looking for.

Whether you bring experience from your previous employment or you are interested in learning new skills, your time is valuable, and there are many opportunities for mature adults to make a difference in the community. 

Single retirees that relocate will meet like-minded people by volunteering, and build long-lasting friendships. 

Couples that retire and especially those who move to a new country may find they are together day in and day out; volunteering is a great way to take part in your own interests and make new friends, in turn, enhancing your relationship by bringing something new to the relationship. 

Choose your passion and get involved. 

The benefits of volunteering; 

  • Volunteering releases endorphins – a natural painkiller
  • Promotes good physical and mental health
  • Reduce stress and decrease blood pressure
  • Get to know volunteers of all ages
  • Reduce the risk of age-related diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • Keep the brain and the body active and improve longevity
  • Prevent isolation and depression
  • A sense of purpose and accomplishment
  • Explore different ways of life, different villages, cities, and countries
  • Staying active means staying young at heart

There are volunteer opportunities all over the world; in Mexico, retirees can contribute by:

  • Teaching English or participating in conversational English through education initiatives
  • Fundraising for non-profit organizations
  • Empowering vulnerable women and children
  • Childcare and development
  • Art or sports projects for children
  • Animal welfare such as sterilization campaigns, vaccination campaigns, or fostering rescued dogs and cats
  • Beach clean up – everyone can spare a day to clean up the beach; it is good exercise, and you will be in the company of other great humans.

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