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5 Ways Expat Living will Benefit Your Child

Some people feel that once they start a family their traveling days are over and that they must put down roots in one place, but this is not necessarily true. Traveling and living in different countries is beneficial to children. Living in another country helps develop children into well-rounded human beings. Expat children enjoy the diversity of growing up in another country, with friends from various backgrounds, different races, and religious beliefs.

Awareness and Empathy

Raising a child in a new country teaches a child many valuable life lessons. They will experience new cultures, languages, and cuisine. Expat children have a broader view of the world around them. They have a greater understanding of different cultures and learn to empathize with the difficulties some people face in less fortunate situations than their own. It allows children to step out of their bubble and learn about the world. They absorb the best of each culture and become interested and aware of other people’s lives.


This experience gives children more confidence when it comes to meeting new people, or being in new surroundings. They are more likely to join in and be a part of something, unlike many adults that grew up in sheltered surroundings in the same school and the same neighborhood their whole life.

Learning a New Language

Speaking a second language is always an asset later in life, and children have a much easier time adapting to a new language than adults do. Being bilingual or multilingual will benefit a young adult throughout their education and their career. Their expat life experience and second language gives them an edge over their peers since more and more employers seek employees that speak a second language. Also, being an expat will be beneficial to an employee that can effectively communicate with locals as well as business counterparts in their home country.

Family Bonding

Since your family is now the new kid in town, you tend to stick together and rely on each other as you settle into a new life. Expats report that living in a new country brings their family closer together. Moving to a country like Mexico also allows for a better lifestyle and more freedom. Since the dollar stretches further, you will work less, afford some of the luxuries that may be out of reach back home and allow more family time, for instance, a pool, tennis courts, and reasonably priced domestic help.

Learning to Accept and Embrace Change

Expat children are more likely to be open-minded, confident and adaptable. Many people that remain in one place their whole life may never learn how to deal with change or the unpredictable. Change can cause significant stress and fear in some people when you are not accustomed to it. Being an expat, you accept and grow with change. Adventure becomes exciting rather than scary.

So if your dream of relocating to Mexico, do it; your children’s lives will be enhanced by the adventure.