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Residency in Mexico and Abuse of the FMM – Visitor Card

It is relatively common for foreigners to take advantage of the visitor card – FMM (Forma Migratoria Múltiple) as a way to live in Mexico. Many foreigners are entering as a tourist and staying the 180 days granted to visitors and then leaving the country and returning for another 180 days, rather than applying for a residency permit. 

For a few years, there have been rumors that Instituto Nacional de Migración – INM will begin to crack down on this practice and regulate the use of an FMM as a way to live in Mexico. It started with some foreigners receiving less than 180 days as they enter, some received as little as 30 days as they reentered the country. As well foreigners have been questioned by INM as to why they go back and forth without applying for the proper visa. This week social media is buzzing with reports of foreigners being turned away at the Mexican border due to the abuse of the FMM. This can be especially worrisome for those foreigners who have created a life in Mexico and then are denied entry at the border. 

Applying for residence is an easy process and provides frequent travelers peace of mind as they enter and exit the country. By obtaining a residency visa, there is unrestricted/unlimited entry and exit at the borders.

There are many options available to obtain a resident visa, including, but not limited to:

     Do not get turned away at the border, contact our immigration lawyer, and discover your options of obtaining a residence permit in Mexico.