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One Million Dollar Wrongful Death Case Settled in Mexico

MexLaw recently settled a wrongful death claim out of court for one million USD; this is one of Mexico’s largest out of court settlements in history. The case was settled to the mutual satisfaction of all parties within nine months.

When tragedy touches your life, you need a litigation law team that can obtain the fair restitution you deserve. Trials can drag on for years, they are costly and emotionally draining and delay the healing time of the victims.

This tragedy took place in Mexico, making it extraordinarily unusual that the settlement was this substantial since in most cases the compensation is relatively low. Considering the amount typically awarded for wrongful death claims in Quintana Roo is estimated at $441,800 pesos it was quite an achievement to negotiate and resolve this lawsuit with a one million USD settlement.   

In the past Mexican legislators capped the amount of restitution resulting from wrongful death suits; as a result, these lawsuits have been rare since the compensations have been historically low in comparison to the US.  In recent years the Mexican Supreme Court and the Federal Judiciary have changed the method of quantifying compensation for moral damages. Although life will never be the same after a tragic loss, the Mexican Supreme Court views moral damages as an effort to not only compensate for loss, but also act as a warning or deterrent to future illicit behavior, or negligence.

Cases like this are setting precedents in Mexico and will ensure future injury or wrongful death cases are handled with the respect and the compensation victims deserve.

MexLaw’s specialized team of litigation lawyers practice exclusively in cases involving foreigners whose lives have been devastated by the carelessness and negligence of others.

They are dedicated to ensuring that victims receive fair compensation for any injury or loss and have recovered millions USD in settlements for their clients.