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Points to Consider When Purchasing Land in Mexico

Obtain an Active Cadastral (Property Survey)
Ensure the measurements of the property match the those of the cadastral and confirm the property the seller is selling is the same as the legal deed.

Infrastructure and Utilities
Is the infrastructure in place for new construction? Are utilities and water available? Are there extra fees involved for connecting to water and sewer? Is there internet and tv services available in the area? These services may or may not be relevant to you.

Zoning and Permits
Research the zoning of the property. Depending on what you plan to build on the property you need to be sure it is doable. Will the property be used for business, hotel or a personal residence? Will you be able to obtain building permits for this land?

Environmental or Historical Conditions
Is any part or anything about your potential property protected by some condition that would prevent or limit construction or demolition on the property?

Access to a Public Road
Do you have vehicle access to the property? Consider whether there is access to your property with public roads in and out of the property to ensure you do not need to rely on other property owners to access your lot. If not what will be the expense of creating access and will the road be privately maintained or public property?

The Property Condition
Can you build on this property, is the land suitable for construction? Have the property inspected, check the grade of the property, drainage. Where is the water going to go during the rainy season? Is the property on a cenote?

Regulations: Architecture, Construction, and Appearance
Is the property in a subdivision with regulations about construction, architecture or color codes? Are there any rules in place that will determine what you can do on your property? For example, can you add a suite or detached rental suite or garage?

Enlist the Professionals
Consult a professional real estate agent, get the property inspected by an architect, or builder.

Liens or Encumbrances
Due diligence on the property – hire a Mexican real estate lawyer to ensure no one else has a claim on this land, ensure there are no liens or debt tied to the property and complete the transaction.