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Making a Mark for Yourself in Mexico

Trademarks are those symbols or signs used to distinguish products or services in the market; they must be registered to identify them from the competition and to avoid confusion with other companies. By registering the trademark, businesses obtain multiple benefits such as exclusive use, which provides the certainty that the trademark may not be used legally by a third party without authorization.

The registration of a trademark has a validity of 10 years from the moment of its application and may be renewed before or after the term expires.

Trademarks registered in Mexico are only in effect within the Mexican Republic. However, it is possible to register the trademarks in other countries for greater protection.

Some of the benefits of registering your trademark:

  1. The right to use the symbol R or MR which is used to identify that the trademark has been registered.
  2. The possibility of collecting royalties.
  3. Positioning of your brand in the marketplace.
  4. Ability to franchise the product or service.
  5. Increase in the value of the company.
  6. Ability to exercise legal action against third parties who use your logo without authorization.
  7. Prevention of unauthorized users from damaging your company’s reputation.

The registration process can be initiated very quickly by applying online with the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property “IMPI.” The website contains all the relevant information regarding the brand and product protection or in person, check the website to find the closest location.

Once the application is submitted, it takes 4 to 8 months to obtain the registration and to be able to use it as a registered trademark.

Protecting a brand is an essential step to consider as a business owner, you own the right to use it exclusively according to your purposes, objectives, and needs and by registering it, you have the protection of appropriate use.

You may register your trademark online or consult MexLaw to register the trademark on your behalf.