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10 Reasons to be a Snowbird in the Riviera Maya

Does the winter weather get you down? If you dream of spending winters in the Mexican sun but you are not ready to give up your life and your ties to your hometown why not become a snowbird in Mexico?

It is a significant life change to move to a foreign country, but living in Mexico part time may be the answer to your dreams. There are many beautiful towns in Mexico to choose from, we suggest you become a Riviera Maya snowbird.

The Riviera Maya, where the jungle meets the Caribbean ocean, if you are looking for white sand, crystal clear water and year round tropical weather come to the Riviera Maya.

  1. The weather does not vary much it is always warm but the summer months do get hotter with higher humidity, which is ideal for snowbirds who prefer to escape the humidity and enjoy the spring and summer months in their home country.
  2. As a snowbird, you will not need to apply for a residence visa in Mexico, when you cross into Mexico as a tourist you will receive a tourist visa valid for 180 days.
  3. Playa del Carmen
    • Playa is located on the Caribbean ocean about an hour from the Cancun airport. In Playa, you will find many amenities you are familiar with back home, which can help you avoid complete culture shock. Playa is an international town created by all cultures of the world, you can get by even if Spanish is not your first language. If you are a social person, and love meeting new people come to Playa.
    • Playa offers a broad range of real estate opportunities ranging from simple elegance to luxury living, world class golf course & residence or seaside condos.
  4. Tulum
    • Tulum is about an hour and a half from the Cancun airport; it offers a quieter lifestyle than Playa del Carmen with many beautiful new developments nestled in the jungle. If you are looking for a quaint town with fewer people and less noise, this may be the place for you. Tulum’s main draw is nature; it is the gateway to the Sian Ka’an Biosphere a nature reserve which protects birds, animals, and plants, it boasts beautiful beaches, cenotes, and the ruins. Life is peaceful in Tulum, A place to relax, do yoga and enjoy mother nature by the sea.
    • Tulum is the fastest growing real estate market in the Caribbean and investors are taking advantage of all the new developments in Tulum. The beautiful thing about Tulum’s development is that there are strict environmental regulations in place to ensure it remains a place of serenity and nature. 
  5. The Riviera Maya offers top rated hospitals and dental care. If you compare the cost of healthcare and medications in Mexico to what it will cost in other countries, you will find the cost is typically 50% less, with better wait times for surgery and follow-up appointments.
  6. Many condo developments offer in-house property management and rental pools, you may consider the option of renting out your suite while you are away in order to recoup some of your expenses.
  7. The convenience of an International airport located in Cancun making it easy to travel back and forth.
  8. Plenty of activities to stay fit and active.
  9. Volunteer opportunities to broaden your horizons and become involved in the community.
  10. Enjoy meeting other retirees from all over the world.