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Canadians in Mexico with Dual Citizenship Need to Keep Their Canadian Passports Updated

Many Canadians living in another country, such as Mexico have allowed their Canadian passport to lapse, but with the new regulations in place, Canadians will be required to renew and keep their Canadian passports up to date if they plan on traveling by air to Canada.

Canadian Citizens traveling with an expired passport or with dual citizenship in another country will be required to carry a valid Canadian passport as of November 10, 2016, in order to travel through or return to Canada. The Government of Canada’s electronic system will verify each passenger by scanning the appropriate travel document before boarding a flight to Canada.

Canadians who have dual citizenship have been permitted to use their foreign passport to enter Canada in the past, but with the new regulations, they will be required to enter and exit with the appropriate passport, a Canadian passport, Canadian temporary passport or an emergency travel document.

Canadians with dual citizenship must carry both passports when they travel, with the exception of Canadians holding dual citizenship with the US. In this case, a valid US passport along with valid Canadian identification will suffice.

To avoid any travel delays for Canadians who are not aware of the new regulation, they will be able to apply for a temporary special authorization document until January 31, 2017. The Government of Canada website for Immigration and Citizen provides information and an application link for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) which is valid for only four days after the travel date you select.

You may be eligible for an Electronic Travel Authorization if your flight to Canada is in less than ten days and if your valid passport is from a visa-exempt country and you have either previously held a certificate of Canadian citizenship or a Canadian passport or been granted Canadian citizenship after being a permanent resident in Canada.

Under Mexican legislation, holders of dual Canadian and Mexican citizenship are required to enter and leave Mexico as Mexican citizens.

The air carrier in Mexico will require a valid Canadian travel document to prove citizenship. The Canadian Citizenship Card is not considered a travel document.

Typically the rule is to present the passport from the country you are entering if you have Canadian citizenship and Mexican citizenship, you are required to present your Canadian passport as you enter Canada. You will present your Mexican passport as you enter Mexico.

The benefits of using your valid Canadian passport is the ability to enter Canada without dealing with the immigration screening which some citizens of other countries are subject to, and as for landing in Mexico with a Mexican passport, the lineup for citizens is typically has a shorter wait time.

Before traveling check your passport’s expiry date to make sure it will still be valid after your return date to avoid any issues. Canadians living abroad may contact the nearest Canadian Consulate for information about renewing their passport outside of Canada.