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 8 Reasons to Hire an Architect in Mexico

Whether you are renovating, restoring, or building a new structure, you should consider hiring an architect. The architect’s job is to bring your vision to life, but there are many other aspects of their profession. Architects are professionally educated and have the experience to create and execute a beautifully functional design, optimizing the space, and ensuring the safety of its occupants. 

    1. Dealing with permits and licenses in Mexico can be a challenge your architect will obtain the necessary permits and ensure your project is carried out legally, avoiding issues with the government agencies, fines, or work stoppage. 
    2. They have experience recommending and sourcing proper products for this environment and humid weather. Architects bring the knowledge of techniques, materials, and finishes that have proven to be durable, cost-effective, and provide the quality and beauty you expect.
    3. Why waste time and energy searching for finishings like tile, lighting, or paint?  Architects will take on that burden and guaranteed they find the best deals and products on the market. 
    4. They have your back; architects oversee the project; they have ongoing communication with the contractor and act as an inspector with an eye for detail. The architect will be the first to notice if something was overlooked and quickly provide a solution. They represent you and make sure your budget and project stay on track. 
    5. Connections in the area, the architect, knows the right people to call, including subcontractors, specialists, and the authorities. Not to mention they speak Spanish, which will save those who have not perfected their Spanish.  
    6. Architects are experts on the subject of laws and regulations regarding construction and safety; these aspects are considered throughout every step of the project. 
    7. The environment – An ethical architect will consider the environment and provide responsible solutions for projects through sustainable development.
    8. Architects want happy clients; they want your referrals and photos of the finished project for their portfolio. Excellent design and sustainable construction will stand as evidence of their work for a long time to come. Their pride is your guarantee. 

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