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Complete Guide to Buying Property in Mexico

Foreigners should exercise a higher level of caution and discernment when purchasing property in Mexico. Than being said, it should not discourage you from purchasing property in Mexico. It will probably be the best investment that you will make. Nevertheless, as the saying goes, “buyers beware”.

It is not enough to ask questions and to read articles on the Internet. Buyers should be aware of what the proper, legal and customary process is in order to purchase property, and any deviation from this process should be questioned and investigated. This is the scope of the guide.

The author has called upon his 35 years of experience as a Canadian-trained and knowledgeable attorney in real estate transactions, including numerous international transactions the majority of which were concluded in Mexico. This guide follows the process and addresses questions and issues that most of his clients have asked him over the years. In fact, the topics are the ones that all buyers, at one time or another, consider when purchasing real estate.

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