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Survey Says…Mérida is the Best Place to Live!

Looking for the safest place in Mexico with an excellent quality of life at an affordable price that you can call home? You will find it in Mérida.

Mérida continues to be nominated as one of the best places to live out of 305 cities, leading the index created by the United Nations Organization of cities with a better quality of life.

Mérida attracts significant investments both domestically and foreign, and many foreigners seeking a new lifestyle and early retirement are drawn to Mérida. This colonial city is chock-full of culture, museums, and history, but it also offers a low cost of living, quality of life and remains the safest city in Mexico.

A recent City Prosperity Index, compiled by UN Habitat and the National Housing Fund Infonavit, ranked Mérida No. 1 for the best all-around quality of life. According to El Financiero, the Index of Prosperous Cities jointly carried out by UN Habitat, and Infonavit provides data to manage policies according to the needs and conditions detected in the cities.

Cities are measured for productivity, quality of life, infrastructure development, equity and social inclusion, environmental sustainability, and urban governance and legislation.

El Financiero wrote, “Barrier Concha stressed that in addition to the economic aspect, there was an advance in the environmental aspect and work is already underway to make it become a sustainable city in a short time”


Mérida ranked #1 for the quality of life for two years in a row, 2015 and 2016 — it was ranked No. 1 on the most livable cities, Gabinete de Comunicación Estratégica performed the survey.