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Relocating Your Pets to Mexico

As you are making arrangements for your move to Mexico, do not forget your pets!  For many people, the dogs and cats are part of the family and when the family is relocating to Mexico so are the pets. Dogs and cats are welcome in Mexico, and no quarantine is required. Other animals may need special permission; follow the link below.

To ensure you have a stress-free and safe trip, consider these points when flying with your pet: the proper documents for your destination, airline breed restrictions, crate size, heat embargos, the pet’s weight and size, and the duration of the flight.

Try to search for a direct flight if possible. Reserve your pet’s ticket at the same time you book yours to ensure you travel together; the airlines only book a certain amount of crates for each flight.

Mexico’s entry requirements:

  • The original, plus one copy of a Certificate of Health issued by a veterinarian on letterhead, including his or her professional identification number or a photocopy of their identification.
  • The name and address of origin and the address of the destination in Mexico.
  • The date of the rabies shot and its expiry date (if the pet is under three months of age, they are exempt). It is recommended to attach the labels of the vaccines to the certificate as additional proof. Your visit to the vet should be within fifteen days of your trip.
  • You will need verification that your pet was treated for internal and external parasites and found to be in good health. Flea and tick medication is crucial for disease prevention; tick-borne disease is prevalent in Mexico.

Each airline has different specifications and rules about weight, the size of the crate and many have breed restrictions and may prohibit short-nosed dogs, because of breathing issues. Check the airline embargo dates, during summer or winter months airlines may not allow pets in cargo.

Small dogs and cats may travel in the cabin in soft-sided carriers and stored under your seat; larger dogs must be in an airline-approved crate and travel in the cargo area.

When you arrive at a Mexican airport, you will find your crated dog in the oversized baggage claim area. At this time you report to official personnel from SAGARPA-SENASICA. There they will inspect your pet’s health certificate, the dog, and crate. Once your dog has been inspected, you are free to continue through to customs.

Compliance with regulations established by SAGARPA / SENASICA does not exempt you from complying with the requirements of other authorities or airlines at the point of entry to Mexico.

For pets other than cats and dogs, see the link below for specific requirements.


If your pet is not listed, send an email to:


redacuicola@senasica.gob.mx (aquatic species)