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Do Foreigners Feel Safe Living in Mexico? Testimonials From Expats in Mexico

There is a lot of media sensationalism about the dangers of living in Mexico, but those of us who are living in Mexico have to disagree. Of course, like any country, there are areas you should avoid, and precautions you should take when you are out and about. You should always be aware of your surroundings, but the greater part of Mexico, especially those states catering to tourists and expats are perfectly safe. Every day more foreigners make the decision to move to Mexico. The immigration office in Playa del Carmen reports that they process an average of 60 new procedures a day.

We decided to check in with some of the expat residents living, working or retired in Mexico and see how they feel about safety in Mexico. We were particularly interested in hearing what the women who are living here have to say about personal safety.

I feel as safe here as anywhere, I wouldn’t walk around at night alone as a woman, but I wouldn’t do that anywhere else either. I think it’s all about taking reasonable precautions and also depends on what area you live in. I love living here and can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Laura from Wales

I’ve lived here for over ten years and never had an issue until last year when a motorcycle driver tried to grab my bag.  However, I feel very safe here and often walk around after dark. I do take normal precautions like usually not carrying a bag with me, keeping to well-lit streets, telling someone when I’m going out, and other small things. I did choose to live in a building with full-time security.

Gayle from the USA

I have lived here since 2009 and always feel safe; we do live out in the jungle so is quite different to living in the town.

Rosalind from the UK

I have lived here almost five years now; I have not had a safety issue yet. I have walked to the corner store a few times and never felt unsafe. I am from Calgary, and I feel as safe here as I did there. I try to be as wise here as I was there. I never walk down dark streets here or in Calgary.

Rachel from Canada

We love our life in Mexico and feel safer and have had fewer problems here than we did in Vancouver BC. I suggest adopting a rescue dog, getting to know your neighbors and installing some basic security measures at your casa, you’ll have no problem

Gabriel from Canada

We have lived here since 2010 and feel safe. Of course, we like to think we use common sense and are aware of our surroundings when we’re out and about.  Same as we do any place.  

Phyllis from the USA

I feel very safe here and have never felt threatened in any way. If I did not feel safe here, I would not allow my family with babies and children to visit me. As everyone says, crime happens everywhere in the world. Yes, take precautions as you would anywhere. I plan to live here for many more years to come.

Cecile from Canada

I have always felt safe here, but I was broken into last year while away for a few weeks.  However, I do feel safe in town on Fifth – and walking around. I am careful, but I have been careful (as a traveler and single woman) all my adult life.

Marissa from the USA

I have lived here in Mexico for six years, and I feel safer here than I did in Buenos Aires and am comfortable walking around in the evening, and I find the people to be very friendly and polite.

Adriana – Buenos Aires

We have driven back and forth to Mexico for the last 11 years (with our dogs – whole reason we drive) and have never had any problems. We use common sense and don`t drive at night, stay on major highways, try not to get lost, are respectful to people along the way, and speak Spanish as much as possible. We have been living in Akumal and Paamul full and part-time since 2007. We have never had any problems in either place as far as break-ins. We never feel unsafe living there.

Sherwood from the USA

We have lived here for six years and never had the slightest bit of trouble or felt any danger, no matter where we went and at what hour. Playa del Carmen is as safe as any city or small town in the U.S. I have lived or worked in over 20 locations across the country including New York, Boston, Oklahoma City, San Francisco and San Jose, CA. Also foreign cities Sydney, Tokyo, Paris, Buenos Aires, and Hong Kong. I find Playa del Carmen to be the same.

Webb from the USA