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Why You Should Invest in Tulum Real Estate Now

Tulum real estate is getting worldwide attention as a safe, attractive investment opportunity. It was named as #1 destination on the rise for 2016 by TripAdvisor and recognized as one of the top beaches in the world.

Investopedia lists Tulum as one of the six best places in the world to buy a winter home.

Tulum is a small beach town about 90 minutes South of Cancun and just 45 minutes from Playa del Carmen. Tulum is reminiscent of the way Playa del Carmen was just 15 years ago; Playa was a small fishing village which has quickly grown into an International city. Imagine if you had bought property in Playa 15 years ago and the profit you would realize now.

Tulum is a new opportunity as it is heading in the same direction, but Tulum seems to have a different approach to developing the area. The developers investing in Tulum are dedicated to keeping the homes eco-friendly and preserving Tulum´s natural beauty. There are strict environmental regulations in Tulum to ensure it remains a place of serenity and nature.  

The development of Tulum will be limited since it is framed by the Mayan ruins, a national park, and Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve.

As the fastest growing real estate market in the Mexican Caribbean, the time to invest in Tulum is now. The area’s growing popularity has created a shortage of rentals and hotels, The value of real estate in Tulum will continue to increase over the next few years as the demand for housing in Tulum grows.

Visitors come to see the Mayan ruins, approximately 1.1 million people a year; they return because of the beaches, the jungle and the bohemian atmosphere with a touch of luxury and amazing gastronomy.

There are plans to build an International Airport in Tulum and a Railway network which will connect Tulum to the rest of  Quintana Roo.

Recently there was an issue in Tulum, property had been seized; this is an important reminder to hire a real estate attorney during a real estate purchase.  It is virtually impossible for anyone to take your property if the procedure was done legally with proper representation.

The government of Mexico may not seize legally purchased property according to the NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement.  

When you get tired of the city, come to Tulum and enjoy an eco-friendly, luxuriously serene lifestyle.