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Marketing Tips For Your Vacation Rental Property in Mexico

Foreigners looking to invest in a second property or retirement home are looking towards Mexico. The constant influx of tourists arriving on both coasts of Mexico, Riviera Nayarit, and the Riviera Maya indicate a demand for vacation rentals, is impacting foreign interest in real estate opportunities.

Both of these Mexican beach locations have a huge demand for rental properties with a growing number of travelers preferring to stay in private residences over big brand resorts.

We have a few tips regarding marketing your investment as a short-term rental:

Create a Brand

When you name your condo, beach house or villa you are giving it a personality and making it a memorable place. Rather than being known as rental #101, you will receive more recognition from an inviting distinctive name, for example, “we will be staying at the Bluebird Inn” Choose a name that captures the characteristics of the home and area.


Great pictures of the home and the area are your primary selling tools online. Use realistic photos and information about the rental, homeowners who exaggerate or stretch the truth about their home will end up receiving negative reviews if the guest is disappointed.

Response Time

Return inquiry emails immediately, remember people are probably trying to book something at that moment. If you delay your response, they may book elsewhere. Be polite and concise in your reply.

Vacation Rental Websites

Websites like Airbnb and VRBO, allow property owners from anywhere in the world to capitalize on their vacation property. These online services have significantly changed the way people travel and where they choose to stay.

Rental Pools

For those who prefer a hands-off rental, many developments provide onsite rental pools and property management. They will handle your guest’s reservations, check in and out, prepare your suit for their arrival for a percent of the fee.

Private Property Management Companies

Property Management companies provide marketing, take reservations, 25-hour guest services, maintenance and housekeeping, a complete service for your guests. These companies are especially useful if the owner is living outside of Mexico.


Create a Facebook page for your rental, post beautiful photos and valuable information about the living space and the location. Do not overload or spam people with posts about the condo; soft sell it by featuring posts about the surrounding area, local restaurants, activities, events, and the top things you must see and do in the area.

Travel Blogger and Authentic Reviews

Ask travel bloggers and happy guests to write a review, anyone searching for a vacation spot is looking for peer to peer recommendations. Their reviews can sway the reader’s decision to chose your place or not. Reviews should be posted on your website, travel blogs, Facebook pages and other travel sites.

It is vital that you understand the tax laws regarding rental properties in Mexico. Any income gained in Mexico must be reported in Mexico as well as your home country. Tax methods can be complicated, contact the accounting team at MEXLAW to learn the best solutions for your vacation rental. The accountants also offer tax and utility payment services for distant owners.