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Applying for a Job Offer Visa in Mexico

If you are a foreigner and have received a job offer in Mexico, or you are a foreigner with a business in Mexico and plan on working in this country, you will need permission to work.

The official name is “Visa por oferta de empleo” (Job Offer Visa). This procedure allows you to live and work in Mexico.

The process consists of two steps which are completed in Mexico and one step to be completed outside the country at a Mexican consulate.

The process will begin in Mexico. It requires a job offer from a Mexican company; this company should have “Constancia de empleador.” That is to say, it must be registered at the Immigration Institute (INM) and be given permission to hire foreigners.

Business Owner

As a business owner in Mexico, who wishes to be employed by this business, you are also required to apply for permission to work.

Your business is required to apply for an employer registration at INM (Constancia de empleador), permitting your company to hire foreigners, and in this case, yourself.

Once your business has obtained this permission and has been operating and paying taxes for at least three months, your company will be able to provide a job offer. With this offer in hand, you can begin the temporary residency with permission to work visa process at the immigration office or through an immigration specialist.

The first temporary resident card with permission to work will allow you one year, and upon renewal, you may receive one, two or three years. You will need a job offer to apply for the renewal as well.

Once the procedure is approved in Mexico, you will travel outside the country to a Mexican consulate for an interview and to receive the visa.

Within 180 days you will return to Mexico to complete the procedure.

This next and final step of the procedure is “canje,” as you will have to change your tourist visa (FMM) for your resident card at the Immigration office in Mexico.


  • Copy of passport
  • Diplomas and degrees abroad apostilled or legalized and translated
  • Resume (CV) in Spanish of activities abroad
  • Letters of recommendation in Spanish
  • The job position and salary offered.
  • (ID of Legal representant of the hiring company (original and copy)
  • (IMM Permission to hire foreign employees from the company that is hiring you (Constancia de empleador)
  • (Legal address, logo, and name of the business )

The interview at the Mexican Consulate outside of Mexico provide:

  • One small passport picture  
  • A copy of “oficio de confirmación
  • Original and copy of passport
  • Copy of visitor’s visa
  • IMM rights

Change (CANJE) at Immigration in Mexico

  • Original passport
  • Visa
  • Proof of address
  • 2 front and 1 right profile photos (2.5 x 3.0 cm, white background, uncovered forehead, without  earrings or necklaces, no smile – please have the pictures taken in Mexico, as IMM does not accept photos taken abroad)
  • FMM
  • IMM  Rights

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is advisable not to leave Mexico during the CANJE procedure, if you must leave the country you will need to apply for a permission letter to exit and re-enter.

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