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What Is There to Love About Merida?

When foreigners dream about relocating to Mexico, they typically picture sandy beaches and a turquoise ocean. But do they know about Merida? The capital city of Yucatan is located in the southeast of Mexico, 20 miles away from the Gulf of Mexico. Living in Merida provides the luxuries of city life, rich culture, theater, and fine dining. Merida is an authentic Mexican city, with Spanish colonial buildings and haciendas. It has all the modern-day amenities and conveniences expats appreciate which most colonial cities do not offer, and the beach is 30 minutes away. Merida may be the best of two worlds.

City Life

Merida is a large, vibrant city with many things to experience, such as evening strolls through the historical town to admire the architecture of the old buildings, mansions, and cathedrals. The main square hosts nightly events, including live music, dancing, and artisanal shopping. Enjoy world-class restaurants, outdoor bars and cafes and cultural events, concerts, and museums.  

Cost of Living

The Riviera Maya is expanding rapidly, and although it has a much lower cost of living than the rest of America, Merida offers an even more affordable lifestyle. According to Numbeo, the average rent in Merida is 65.15% lower than Playa del Carmen. Restaurant prices in Merida are 20% less expensive, and groceries are 13.85% lower than Playa del Carmen.


In addition to the state-sponsored healthcare provided through Mexico’s national healthcare IMSS, excellent first-class medical services are available through private clinics and hospitals. Many physicians in the private clinics have received training in Mexico as well as the USA, Canada or Europe.

Not Taco Bell

Yucatan gastronomy has its own rich and diverse style, influenced by Mayan culture, Caribbean, Mexican, Middle Eastern and European cuisine. Merida is recognized by Délice Network as home to one of the world’s greatest regional cuisines. Délice acknowledges cities whose culinary heritage and gastronomic expertise play a significant role in defining them as the world’s best food destinations. Merida and Puebla are the only Mexican cities to be honored by the network.

Retirement Project – A Handyman’s Dream

Foreigners are investing in neglected mansions and colonial homes and restoring them to their former glory. If you love refurbishing homes and have the funds, time and money, there are many great deals on real estate with excellent potential in Merida. The historic buildings have good structure, classic architecture, 20-feet high ceilings, many with large lots, private courtyards, pasta tiled flooring and other stunning features from the past waiting to be brought back to life.

Beach Days

About  30 minutes away you will find Progresso, a small fishing village and beautiful beach. The Yucatan is also home to thousands of beautiful freshwater cenotes.  


Merida International Airport (Manuel Crescencio Rejón International Airport), handles both domestic and international flights. The new toll highway provides a safe, comfortable driving experience; to go from Cancun to Merida takes approximately 3.15 hours.

Time to Invest

Investing in Merida’s real estate market offers many options, raw land parcels, restoration projects, restored colonial houses or small family homes, condos or haciendas. There are many opportunities whether you are purchasing a home or rental property. Wealthy Mexicans and an influx of foreign money have driven the real estate market up in recent years, and experts say it will continue to grow; now is a great time to invest in Merida.

Safety in Mexico

Merida enjoys the reputation of being the safest city in Mexico.