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Tourism in Mexico Continues to Increase as Travel to the US Declines

Tourists are scrapping the idea of heading to the United States for vacation in favor of spending their vacation in Mexico. Trump’s rhetoric, the attempted travel bans and detention of travelers are affecting US tourism, coupled with the US dollar making it less affordable for other countries to visit.

The prediction that travels to the US would see a drastic decrease has become a reality as American travel agencies are experiencing a massive decline in US tourism. The travel websites have already seen a significant drop in travel searches to the US. The travel site Kayak for one, reports a 58% decline in US travel searches and bookings.

The Global Business Travel Association estimates since the election; Trump has cost the US tourism industry $185m in lost revenue.

Travelers are typically people who enjoy and respect different countries and cultures, hence the reason they travel. By creating an “only America matters” atmosphere most travelers will not be interested in supporting or contributing their hard earned money to vacation in the US.

So where will the world travelers spend their vacations? Mexico of course!

Travel Market Report shows tourism south of the border continues to increase despite Trump’s vengeance against Mexico. This same report states the best-performing destinations are the Riviera Maya, Cancun, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit.

Some American tourists may be wary of Mexico, only because of the climate Trump has created between the US and Mexico, they are afraid they will not be welcome, but Mexico is a very kind and hospitable country, and welcomes anyone who is interested in Mexico.

Mexico is the preferred foreign country to invest in real estate and business for Canadians, Europeans, and Americans. Expats head to Mexico in search of better weather, slower pace and a better quality of life at a lower cost. The warmth of the Mexican people keeps travelers and retirees coming back.

If you visit Mexico, you may not want to leave, foreigners who wish to stay in Mexico enjoy affordable top quality health care, an affordable cost of living and although the real estate market is booming it is still affordable on a fixed budget. It is also relatively easy to obtain residence status. Come for the weather, stay for the quality of life.