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Top 8 Reasons to Live in Puerto Vallarta

The weather

Shake the winter blues and get some sunshine. The Pacific coast of Mexico offers warm weather year round.

The Pacific Ocean

The ocean is known to revitalize your body, mind, and soul. Put your feet in the sand and let the sea take your worries away.

The low cost of living

Possibly one of the top reasons people are moving to Mexico is to achieve a lower cost of living. If living in the US or Canada is causing a financial strain, give yourself a financial break come and live in paradise. Everything from real estate to beer is less expensive in Puerto Vallarta; you will afford a better lifestyle. According to NUMBEO “Cost of living in Mexico is 52.93% lower than in United States (aggregate data for all cities, rent is not taken into account). Rent in Mexico is 74.36% lower than in United States (average data for all cities).”

Real estate

Puerto Vallarta real estate market is hot right now, and there are investment opportunities for all budgets from modest homes to luxury waterfront condos, gated communities or golf course residences. Not ready to retire quite yet? Invest in a vacation rental, collecting an income is made easy by sites such as Airbnb or local rental agencies.

The old and the new

Perfect mix of culture, history and modern amenities, the old and the new. Puerto Vallarta has managed to keep its old town charm while providing modern day amenities. Whether you are craving street tacos or fine dining, all options are available – from street vendors and markets to upscale shopping malls.


Proximity and direct flights from the US and Canada for easy accessibility, surrounded by the Sierra Madre mountains, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and a quaint village lifestyle – this town has it all.

Feel at home

It’s one of the most friendly places in the world; Puerto Vallarta is magic, and the people are welcoming and hospitable. There is a significant expat and retirement community in Puerto Vallarta; building friendships and filling your social calendar is easy there.

Relaxation at its best

Mexico’s lifestyle forces you to relax. Everything takes longer in Mexico; there is no rush, and you suddenly become a calmer, more peaceful person. The Mexican lifestyle is good for your health. Mañana, as they say; don’t worry about it until tomorrow.