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Time is Running Out For Americans Living in Mexico to Make Their Vote Count

US citizens 18 years or older who reside in Mexico are eligible to vote in the US elections. Living in a foreign country can make voting a challenge, but there is a way to have your say, find out how.

According to the US Consulate in Playa del Carmen and the FVAP (Federal Voting Assistance Program) website you still have time to register your vote by sending a Federal Postcard Application (FPCA).  

Many states will allow you to submit your form electronically, there may not be ample time for regular mail delivery at this point in the election.

Go to the website https://www.fvap.gov/

To find the  online assistant https://www.fvap.gov/r3/fpca/state

Complete and download the form, print, and sign, print the pre-addressed and postage-paid label.

Or you may pick up a form at the US Consulate.

If you have not received your blank ballot 30 days before an election, do not wait; use the emergency Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot to vote.

Use the FWAB online assistant online assistant to complete a backup ballot.

https://www.fvap.gov/uploads/FVAP/Forms/fwab2013.pdf  or pick up a hard copy version from your nearest U.S. consulate or embassy.

  • Complete the form.
  • Download and print the PDF package, including the postage paid label, include your signature.
  • Hand deliver it to the closest US Consulate.
  • Your forms will be sent in the diplomatic pouch to their registered voting district. Please allow three weeks for delivery.

If your regular absentee ballot arrives in the meantime you should send it in as well. Your FWAB will only be counted if the regular ballot is not received by the election officials. It will not be treated as two votes.

Americans should  submit a new FPCA in January of each year, and update address changes or personal information.

Mail to and from Mexico may not be a reliable method of registering you absentee vote, if possible have a friend mail your forms within the US, use a courier such as DHL, UPS or FedEx or take it to your U.S. Embassy or Consulate for return to the United States.

Many states now allow for email or faxed ballots. Consult the Federal Voting Assistance Program’s Voting Assistance Guide for electronic transmission options for your state.

Verify Your Registration by checking the FVAP website for a directory of state voter registration verification websites. https://www.fvap.gov/links