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Temporary Residency in Mexico – What is Your Expiration Date?

The first Temporary Resident Visa is typically granted for one year; once your first visa is up for renewal, you may renew for 1,2, or 3 years. At the end of the 3rd year, you will apply for permanent residence, which does not expire. 

As a temporary resident holder, it is imperative to be aware of your expiry date. Allowing a resident visa to expire will void your status in Mexico, and you will need to initiate the process from scratch at a Mexican Consulate abroad.

When can I begin the renewal process of my temporary visa?

Within 30 days before the visa’s expiration date, contact your immigration lawyer or apply for a renewal at the INM office in Mexico.

Why is it important to begin the renewal process so early?

We recommend starting the process early in case there are errors or INM requests additional documents and information. INM needs to review the application before they accept your renewal, some INM locations are quite busy, so leave enough time to ensure the application is submitted well before the expiry date.

Will I need to provide my bank statements or proof of income again for a renewal?

Under the current regulations, no, but INM has the right to request any documents at their discretion, so in some cases, you may need to re-submit your financials.

Do I need to leave Mexico to apply for the renewal of a temporary visa?

No, the entire renewal process is carried out in Mexico.

I have a temporary visa, but it has expired, and I am out of the country, what can I do?

Provided only 55 days or less have elapses since the expiry date, you can still enter Mexico with your expired visa.

The government website states that “Entrance into Mexico will not be allowed to alien holders of a card that expired more than fifty-five days ago”. If you are in this situation, contact an immigration lawyer to find out what steps you can take. 

Now that I have entered Mexico again, what do I need to do?

Report to the INM office or meet with your immigration lawyer to initiate the renewal of your visa.

Is there a time limit to apply for renewal?

Yes, you will be granted five business days to submit a renewal application.

Will I be penalized for allowing it to expire?

No, there is no penalty if it is within 55 days. 

My first temporary visa was based on a job offer, do I need to base my renewal on that job offer or may I switch to economic solvency or self-employed?

No, your renewal must remain consistent with your first application; if you obtained your temporary visa as an employee, you must renew as an employee. 

We remind you that if you need to leave the country while your residency permit is in process, you will require an exit/re-entry permit, failing to present an exit/entry permit will result in losing your residency visa. 

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