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Points to consider when choosing a litigation attorney in Mexico

Investing in Mexico is an attractive proposition and nine times out of ten it is a very positive experience, however there may be occasions when you need the help and advice of local legal experts who can protect your interests and be with you all the way during any kind of legal dispute. When you find yourself involved in such a dispute it’s good to know that you have someone competent to represent you. You need an experienced, ethical, and reliable lawyer that you can trust. This is where MexLaw comes into action with our litigation team. Our lawyers will never betray your trust and will ensure you clearly understand the implications of every strategy that we adopt together.  We can offer you the following qualities you need from legal representatives in a foreign country:

EXPERIENCE: More than 35 years of experience in litigation matters at every level, from trial to appeal.  We are familiar with the intricacies and customs of the Mexican Judicial System.

PERSERVERENCE: When our clients are right, they deserve Justice.

HONESTY: We will always give you our honest opinion and advice in your interest, not ours.

PROFESSIONAL: We are subject to International Bar Association standards, and we respect them.  You will always receive a prompt reply and updates on the progress of your case.

TEAMWORK: An entire team of lawyers will be working on your case contributing their individual expertise.

COST SAVINGS: Our experience saves our clients time and money.

MexLaw has accumulated years of experience assisting clients with breaches of contract in commercial matters, along with drafting and renegotiating contract arbitration clauses. We are committed to the best interests of our clients and give advice on negotiation and conciliation with their counterparts, always keeping their economic interests in mind. The most common services requested from us are the execution of guarantees for breach of contract, civil responsibility and pain and suffering claims.

Over the years our legal team has gained experience in trademark protection and disputes, mortgage and loan recovery, and lease disputes. Our services of a more personal nature include divorce, wills, estate litigation, and defamation and media.

You should be aware that, in Mexico, as in other jurisdictions, the process to obtain a final settlement in any claim may take a considerable amount of time, and that all official documents that you provide in support of your lawsuit in a court case must be legalized and translated into Spanish by an official translator. This is just one of the many areas where our years of experience dealing with Mexican law can prove to be invaluable. Litigation in Mexico can frequently be a long, drawn-out process, but that is precisely where our lawyers can help you by ensuring the best strategy is taken during your case and it can be settled in the shortest time possible.

By leaving these situations to the local MexLaw litigation experts, you can concentrate on enjoying your investment and time in Mexico.