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Are you up for the Challenge of Expat Life?

Expat life is an enriching experience, discovering a new country and becoming part of a new community. Many of us dream of running away from our current situation, living a less stressful life, moving to a warm climate and enjoying a lower cost of living. Of course, there are challenges to changing your life, but they say change is good. Do you have the personality traits it takes to enjoy expat life in Mexico? 4 Personality traits of an expat in Mexico Open Minded - Be ready to accept new cultures and not expect things to be the way they are...

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The First Steps of Moving to Mexico, Visa Process Step by Step.

You have decided to relocate to Mexico; do you know how long you want to stay? If you have already fallen in love with Mexico and know you want to stay indefinitely and you have a sufficient monthly income or substantial assets you may want to apply for Visa de Residente Permanente – Permanent Resident Visa. A Permanent Residency never expires, and you may enter and exit Mexico as you please. If you are still checking it out, but want to remain in Mexico more than 180 days you should apply for Visa de Residente Temporal – Temporary Resident Visa. This...

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Points to Consider When Purchasing Land in Mexico

Obtain an Active Cadastral (Property Survey) Ensure the measurements of the property match the those of the cadastral and confirm the property the seller is selling is the same as the legal deed. Infrastructure and Utilities Is the infrastructure in place for new construction? Are utilities and water available? Are there extra fees involved for connecting to water and sewer? Is there internet and tv services available in the area? These services may or may not be relevant to you. Zoning and Permits Research the zoning of the property. Depending on what you plan to build on the property you need to be...

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Economic and Investment Certainty

Published: Real Estate Market.com.mx Monday, 01 October 2018 Written by: Ricardo Vázquez At the beginning of the last quarter of the year 2018, in economic and financial matters, it stands out that the main factors of uncertainty have been defused and left behind. The first of these was the federal election, where the broad triumph of Andrés Manuel López Obrador did not generate any post-election conflict, and we are observing a smooth transition so far. The second element is the signing of a new version of the old North American Free Trade Agreement between the United States, Canada, and Mexico, formerly NAFTA,  now the United...

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