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Requesting an Appointment with a Mexican Consulate

If you have ever attempted to call a Mexican consulate for information or to schedule an appointment, you know how frustrating it can be. Typically, you are not able to speak to a human being; you may receive a constant busy signal or a message stating they will not answer questions over the phone. However, did you know some consulates allow you to register and request an appointment online? Continue reading to find out how. To apply for a residency in Mexico, either temporary or permanent, you need to request an appointment at a Mexican consulate. To do so, you are...

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Why do I have to provide sensitive personal information to create a corporation in Mexico?

When it comes to conducting business in Mexico as a foreigner, meticulous attention to legal and tax considerations is paramount. The appropriateness of establishing a Mexican company hinges on various factors such as the business type, its structure, and financing requirements. ...

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Property Encroachment

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), abandoned or empty homes in Mexico total 6,150,000, which has increased over the last decade. The reason for the increase varies, including the rising number of vacation or second homes purchased by Mexicans and foreign nationals who don’t use the properties often or are waiting to develop the properties. Abandoning or leaving a home empty can leave the property at risk of property encroachment....

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