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Oral Trial Courtrooms Open in Playa del Carmen


The opening of Playa del Carmen’s first oral trial courtrooms will change the system of administration of justice. Many administration mistakes will be avoided, guaranteeing that criminals will be prosecuted correctly. Parties will be appropriately allowed to present their cases and be judged by the applicable law and facts, without fear of personal interpretations or judgments undermining their case.

With this system, cases have a chance to be concluded sufficiently, with each matter being given the most appropriate care through rational and efficient use of judicial resources. Due to the transparency of the system and the efficiency of the process, citizens will have more confidence in the judiciary branch. Additionally, this administration of justice will help erode the slow development of procedures that currently tarnish the image of the Mexican judicial system.

Keep in mind that with the simplification of this process, citizens will be more motivated to exercise their constitutional rights and to report illegal conduct, which will consequently help combat crime and promote active involvement by citizens in the pursuit of justice.

These measures to support Mexico’s transition to an accusatory justice system involving oral trials are a response to continuous complaints regarding the high levels of impunity that are prevalent in Mexico.