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New Legislature for Abandoned Pets in Quintana Roo

Sadly it is a widespread problem in Mexico, foreigners and locals alike abandoning their pets when they no longer want them. Whether an animal is abandoned to the street due to financial difficulties, an animals’ health issues, or just plain cruelty, finally, we may see a little justice for this abuse.  

Many dogs and cats are simply left in rental homes, dumped on the highway, or left in the jungle to fend for themselves. Non-profit animal rescue groups in Quintana Roo work tirelessly to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome these poor animals. Dog shelters and foster-based rescued are overrun with dogs and cats who have been abandoned by their owners. Most of these animals sustain severe injuries in the street from being hit by cars, human abuse, or contracting deadly illnesses in the street; it is a costly effort that never seems to end.  

According to the Animal Protection and Abuse Law, the new legislation states that people who abandon their pets will be fined four thousand pesos. 

The law also includes good news regarding animal thieves; this new legislation reads that thieves will face six months to three years in jail with fines of 10 to 150 days.

The current animal protection legislation also states that animal owners are obligated to provide proper care, food, maintenance, shelter, medical treatment, the law also protects against mutilation (ear crop or tail crop), abuse, cruelty, suffering, and zoophilia.  

The Animal Protection and a Welfare Law of Quintana Roo was published on November 25, 2019,  in the Official State Gazette.

It is important to mention although Mexico has a huge street dog problem, it is the first country to be certified by the World Health Organization as free from human rabies transmitted by dogs.