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Mexico is known as a favorite retirement destination for Americans and Canadians and with good reason.  Firstly is Mexico’s proximity

to these two countries is a major advantage as expats can travel to and from their home rapidly and economically.  Most major Mexican airports provide daily non-stop flights to the USA and Canada.  Moving furniture, personal belongings and family pets is also convenient and economical depending on the distance covered.   Second is the familiar culture and friendly people that have very similar values.  However, the most popular reason given by retirees for moving to Mexico is that, as the second largest economy in Latin America, Mexico provides high standards of living and security.  If we include it’s low cost of living, world class health care, large community of expatriates and warm temperate climate, it is understandable why Mexico has been recognised as one of the best places in the world to retire for 2015.

Most retirees want to maintain or even exceed the living standards that they have been accustomed to but at a cost lower than in their home countries.  Their major concern is that their pension funds will not support their living standards as costs will exceed their revenues.  This is what Mexico can offer – high standards of living at lower costs.

For about $2,000 dollars a month on average, a retired couple living in Mexico can live very comfortably in an apartment near the sea, a vehicle, domestic service, health insurance and all household expenses included. Here a retired couple living exclusively from revenues of their pension can have a standard of living higher than what they would expect in other North American countries.

Immigration procedures are complicated in every industrialised country and Mexico is no exception.   Procedures and paperwork as a migrant and for real estate owners are complicated and the delays considerable in Mexico.  So it’s advisable to obtain qualified, experienced and reliable legal advice so that the process is concluded without complications.

If you are planning on retiring in Mexico, consult with our experienced lawyers to determine the best process to meet your goals.