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Mexico Ranks Number One in Online Real Estate Search

When people living in the US are searching for a second home to purchase, Mexico appears to be the favorite investment location. The real estate website Point2Homes researched the most popular real estate searches of people living in the US and looking for a second home. Their article states that they tracked the Google searches from January 2017 to January 2018. Their research included keywords, homes for sale abroad and in countries in the Americas.

The most popular search was Mexico at 63,890 monthly searches from US users.

64,000 monthly searches for real estate in Mexico during 2017, ranking it as number one. When they performed a similar search in 2015,  Mexico ranked fourth place.

The top 4 most popular real estate searches in Mexico

  • Puerto Vallarta was the most popular location in Mexico searched by U.S. residents, with 10,230 Google searches.
  • San Miguel de Allende is the second favorite, with 6,990 monthly searches.
  • Playa del Carmen is in third place with 6,510 searches on Google.
  • Cabo San Lucas came in fourth most searched for location with 6,000 monthly searches.
  • Cancún ranks fifth with 5,380 monthly searches.

The article also compares the average home prices, stating Mexico’s average selling price is $40,275 USD compared to average $240,000 for a home in the USA.

What will $240,000 USD buy you in Mexico? One of these options;

  • Playa del Carmen – 2-bedroom detached home with a private swimming pool
  • San Miguel de Allende – 0.133 acres of land
  • Cancún – 1-bedroom oceanfront condo.

Canada was the second most popular country at 55,290 monthly searches from the U.S.


Read the original article here https://www.point2homes.com/news/us-real-estate-news/us-top-30-home-buying-destinations-americas.html