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Mexico is the Number one Choice for The World’s Best Places to Retire 2017

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According to International Living.com’s new Annual Global Retirement Index, Mexico is the number one retirement choice for 2017; although Mexico has always been one of the favorite retirement destinations, this is the 5th time Mexico has topped the index.

International Living compiles the best places to retire list every year, after gathering information from their international correspondents and evaluating all aspects related to expat living and retirement in a foreign country. By assessing ten categories—real estate; benefits for retirees; cost of living; ease of integration; entertainment and amenities; health care; healthy lifestyle; visa and residence; infrastructure; and climate. Considering safety for retirees and quality of life, Mexico is the best choice.

We already know  Mexico as the number one choice, over a million American expats are said to be living part time or permanently in Mexico. Mexico is attractive partly due to the ease of transition expats experience moving to a foreign country,  low-cost living, the convenience of proximity related to the US and Canada, and the fact that it is a foreign country but with the familiarities of home.

What Makes Mexico So Attractive?

  • People living on a fixed income or pension enjoy a better quality of life in Mexico, and as the dollar rises American expats receive even more value for housing and living expenses.
  • First rate healthcare at an affordable price makes Mexico a very desirable location for retirees, no wait times which you are probably experiencing in the US or Canada, and about half the price.
  • The opportunity to improve your Spanish, yet the comfort of knowing many people speak English makes Mexico very attractive to seniors looking to retire in a foreign country.
  • The weather, many retirees are looking for warm weather to spend their golden years, but if the constant heat is not your cup of tea, Mexico offers a broad range of climates, from tropical or dry heat to cool even frigid mountain climate. Mexico offers something for everyone.
  • It is easy to stay, apply for your residence in Mexico by providing proof of monthly income such as a pension or proof of savings or investments. Speak to the immigration experts at MEXLAW to find out how easy it is to retire in Mexico. Contact immigration@mexlaw.com.mx.