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Mexican Immigration For Canadians Living, Retiring Or Working In Mexico

So, you are thinking about moving to Mexico, it is possible for Canadians to live in Mexico permanently. Many Canadians are living, retiring, and even working in Mexico. Although the Mexican Immigration laws can be daunting, MexLaw can help to gain the visa you require to stay in Mexico.

Mexican Immigration laws require Canadians who are thinking about retiring in Mexico, prove they can support themselves for the duration of their stay, whether that be from a retirement pension, investments, owning a business or owning property here in Mexico.

Canadians relocating to Mexico may apply for a Temporary Resident Visa or Permanent Resident Visa, depending on their financial status and length of their stay.

If you are testing the waters regarding living in Mexico you will want to start off with a Temporary Resident Card, this visa is issued for one year and renewable up to 3 more years, a total of 4 years maximum. You may apply for a Temporary Resident Visas with permission to work, if you will be working in Mexico.

If you are already sure you and your family are relocating to Mexico, and you plan on becoming Mexican citizens you will want to apply for Permanent Resident Visa. The Permanent Resident Visa is suitable for Canadians relocating to Mexico. If you are moving to Mexico, you do not need to be a Temporary Resident first to become a permanent resident, provided you fulfill one of the requirements needed for a Permanent Resident Visa.  Permanent Residency offers the ease of a single, one-time application and you may remain in Mexico for more than 180 days. As a Permanent Resident you may come and go from Mexico as you please. It also gives you the right to work in Mexico automatically.

Mexican immigration law requirements are as follows, you have immediate family in Mexico, or you are retired and can prove a sufficient income, or you already have had a Temporary Resident Visa for 4 years, or you are married to a Mexican (only require 2 years with Temporary Resident Visa) or meet the minimum score under the point system, or you are in Mexico for humanitarian reasons.

Investors in Mexico may apply for Permanent Resident Visa under Mexican Immigration laws. There are other avenues in which you may apply for a residence card, it is important to deal with an immigration specialist to get all the facts.

How can MexLaw assist you in your Temporary Resident or Permanent Resident Visa process?

The Mexican immigration law changes frequently, there are also variations between consulates, but if you hire MexLaw to start your procedure you will have the peace of mind that the procedure will be done to the satisfaction of Mexican immigration laws. Once you provide your information, MexLaw will do the legwork, saving you repeated trips to and from the immigration office. MexLaw is  informed and always updated on the Mexican Immigration laws and procedures.  A professional law firm of Canadian and Mexican lawyers that provides the convenience of English speaking representatives plus the knowledge of Mexican laws and regulations. Contact MexLaw’s immigration specialist to get your relocation process started.