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Luxurious Living, Investing and Living in the Riviera Maya

Spending your life relaxing on the Caribbean ocean, soft white sand beaches, and warm weather is probably reason enough to buy a home in Mexico, but if you are not quite convinced imagine calling a luxurious resort style condo home. Living and Investing in Mexico you will afford the luxury lifestyle which may be out of reach in your hometown.

If you have considered investing in Mexican real estate, but worry about the time it takes to look after a property while you are out of Mexico, there are options available to you.

One popular option is a condo hotel or resort style condo. These turn-key luxury homes are easily maintained and continue to grow your investment while you are away. Living in a condo hotel provides all the luxuries, and amenities you could desire on a Mexican vacation.

The Benefits of Condo Life in Mexico

  • Typically situated in the most desirable locations in Mexico, close to the ocean or a spectacular golf course with top-rate amenities including; Concierge service, swimming pools, a spa, fitness center, 24-hour security, secure parking and airport transportation services. All the perks you expect from a luxury hotel.
  • Through condo hotels, you can maximize your rental income without being in Mexico and maintain a vacation suite for yourself. A relatively new idea in Mexican real estate but the demand for an easier, low maintenance lifestyle continues to gain popularity.
  • Not spending your vacation painting, remodeling or dealing with repairs such as plumbing or electrical issues. These days people prefer to live in a home that is entirely taken care of year round. Enjoy your time in Mexico without the worry and stress of maintenance on your home.
  • Condo hotels are completely set up; you do not need to shop for furnishings. The condos come complete with high-quality furnishings, appliances, TVs and linens.  Just unpack your suitcase and relax.
  • Rental pools are available, and on-site management will rent out your home, check guests in and out, keep it clean and deal with any maintenance problems while you are away. When you are ready for your stay, your condo will be ready for your arrival.

Comparing a Condo Hotel to a Timeshare Apartment

  • Condo hotels are luxurious with high-end amenities.
  • Many timeshare apartments are in older buildings and have not been maintained or updated.
  • Unlike a timeshare situation, you own the condo, and you have control over use of your condo and if and when it is available to rent.
  • You may sell your condo at any time; the condo is actual real estate with revenue and appreciation potential.
  • Timeshare complexes may be sold by their original owners or have changed management companies, who may not live up to the original contract obligations
  • You have a title on the condo hotel unit.
  • Receive a rental income from your condo hotel when you are not in Mexico.
  • The timeshares are hard to sell, and you will not profit from the sale.
  • Timeshares are hard to book at prime times.

Before You Buy

  • Hire a local real estate agent with real life references, ask other expats for recommendations.
  • Consult a real estate attorney in Mexico who offers a complete range of legal services, including a Title Guaranty on your investment.