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Investing in real estate is a great opportunity through which it’s possible to have a property that can go from an apartment or a house to commercial property, even a piece of land where you can build or make improvements to an existing property and resell it! Real estate investment is an attractive option, since properties are continuously increasing their value and a have a great ROI.

Real estate investment is considered to be low risk, secure and profitable. According to experts, properties must be seen as any other financial stock, they should be sold when the market is high since there might be times when the market goes low as well.  Values can increase by as much as 50% from their current price.

For those who are new to real estate investment they must know that this business is about cash flow not about accumulating properties, by that we mean that the flow of money must be continuous in order to be able to evaluate other investing options.

To start investing in real estate you must:

– have good capital – financial knowledge – the ability to find good property opportunities – know ahead that even though there are secure and low risk investments, there is always a possibility to lose some money due to factors like location, over-spending on house improvements, or a lack of market to sell the property.

Before you invest in Real Estate:

– analyze the property: location, price, condition, credit, renting and reselling opportunities. – have plenty of options of properties and agencies in order to have a better and faster buying process. – search for a property with financial credit that have a better rental potential in order to make a profit from renting out the property even after paying the bank credit and covering management expenses. – look for properties that have been repossessed by banks, which are usually cheaper than any other on the market. -do some research on the rental prices of the area where you are planning to purchase, in order to pay a fair price and be able to charge the proper amount for rent. – remember that  the location must meet the target market you’re tying to reach. – get a property evaluation done by a expert in order to get a professional view on details and be able to negotiate a better price.