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Mexico is a country of emerging economies, rated by prestigious financial publications as China, and often foreigners and companies wonder what is the best way to develop their business in Mexico. From this perspective, it is safe to assume that it would be a profitable place to establish a business either on your own or through a partnership. There is nothing like a good adviser to help you take this step.

From the legal point of view, as in most countries, there are two types of legal figures: an individual or a corporation (persona física and persona moral, respectively). An individual is the person enjoying rights and is the one to incur obligations. Any individual and corporations coming together for a lawful purpose is known as social order, these can be companies, associations or any other legal figure.

Unlike a natural individual, a legal individual must choose the corporate name, or denomination, with which to operate in this country. The denomination has legal disposition, i.e. rights and obligations, and a heritage.

For foreigners it is important to know why; if you are part of a legal entity created in Mexico by the laws of this country, this entity is considered 100 percent Mexican; it will be unable to take any other nationality and can it include individuals that may have more than one nationality.

There are many investment options in Mexico that take many forms, each due to different situations and that is why after researching the topic is very important to seek efficient and reliable legal advice to explain your particular circumstances and take the decision that best suits your needs and those of your business.

If you’ve decided that Mexico is the ideal destination for your investments, the next important decision is to have a representative in whom you can trust, make your goals yours and who will be by your side all the way. This how you can ensure your investments are on the path to success.