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Helping Homeowners Preserve the Architectural Heritage in Merida

The city of Merida implemented an incentive program to promote conservation of the buildings within the historic center. According to the government website the project consists of 3,906 properties with an area of ​​8,795 km² known as the Centro Histórico. The Facade Rescue Program began with a goal to recover and conserve heritage buildings, return them to their original image, improve urban architecture quality in the area, promote the historical value and encourage owner participation. The municipality takes care of the necessary permits, provides skilled labor and supervision, and the owner of the home is responsible for the materials and paint. The procedure is subject to dispositions and observations of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH).

Property owners in this area will find more information about qualifications and how to apply online (English translation available) at the following website:


Other improvement incentives for homeowners in Merida include tax relief for homes that need to be restored and also tax discounts under “Program of Support for Actions in the Face of Climate Change,” which is aimed at influencing property owners to install solar panels or green roofs. These home improvements are described on the Merida municipality website as;

  • A solar panel or solar module: The device or system thereof, which captures the energy of solar radiation for its use in the generation of electrical energy, provided that it is interconnected to the network of the Federal Electricity Commission.
  • Green roof: The roof or exterior garden roof, which is partially or entirely formed by vegetation, either directly on the ground or in an appropriate growing medium; guaranteeing the use of materials designed to protect the property against damage by exposure to the environment and, in turn, promote the growth of vegetation on rooftops.

    For more information about the Program of Support for Actions in the Face of Climate Change visit the website.