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Foreigners Living, Retiring or Investing in Mexico, Choosing the Right Attorney

The first decision to consider is whether you prefer a local lawyer or an international law firm; both have their advantages, but an international company will offer the same type of service and standards you are accustomed to back home.

Keep these points in mind when selecting your attorney:

  • Do they have a proper website and an established office in the area, avoid an attorney that works out of the coffee shop.
  • Seek recommendations from people you know and explore expat forums, you should take their comments with a grain of salt, but you will get a good understanding of which firms can be trusted and which to avoid.
  • Choose an attorney that speaks your language, typically an international law firm will have both Spanish and English speaking representatives.
  • Research their qualifications and how many years of experience the attorney has.
  • Follow your gut, be aware of how you felt about the introduction, you can get a sense of their character during the first meeting.
  • A good law firm will provide a fee structure and estimate upfront, in the case of real estate purchases they should provide Estimated Closing Costs, so you are not surprised in the end.
  • Find a company that can handle all your legal matters in the future including immigration, real estate purchase or sale, business, and incorporation, accounting, and litigation.
  • An international firm has the knowledge and connections of the Mexican lawyer accompanied with the professional standards of Canadian and American certified lawyers.
  • An international company has the authorized to provide you with fully insured Escrow Services.
  • If you are buying real estate in Mexico, you want a lawyer who will guarantee title on your investment.

By choosing MEXLAW, you will receive the benefits of an international firm experienced in all areas of law. MEXLAW is the only Mexican-based law firm that is owned and operated by licensed Canadian and American Lawyers partnered with Mexican lawyers.