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Do I Need an Immigration Lawyer?

You may have already discovered that many procedures do not go smoothly in Mexico. There is always a certain amount of frustration and wasted time when you are trying to get anything accomplished;  the immigration process is certainly no different. 

Residency visa applications can be a challenging endeavor if you go through the process on your own. It is highly recommended that you hire an experienced immigration lawyer to obtain your residency visa, and save yourself time and aggravation. 

The Benefits of an Immigration Lawyer 

  • A lawyer will perform a personalized analysis to determine the best procedure for you, depending on the country of origin, finances, family, and reasons for staying in Mexico.
  • They provide sound legal advice during the procedure, and with regards to entering and exiting Mexico during the process.
  • Your application will be submitted correctly the first time, which will save you multiple visits to the immigration office. 
  • They have established contacts and relationships with immigration employees should any issues or delays arise.
  • Immigration may deny your application, but a lawyer can find a way to obtain your visa.
  • Lawyers know the loopholes of the system and may find ways to expedite the process. 
  • The rules and regulations change frequently; an immigration lawyer is dedicated to keeping up to date on all changes. 
  • Qualifications and rules vary from one Mexican consulate to another; they can find the most suitable consulate to initiate your procedure.
  • Lawyers provide legal advice and guidance for your interview with immigration.
  • They are aware of delays and which is the best Mexican city to process the visa. 
  • Someone is on your side, making sure you avoid legal issues and do not get refused when you arrive in Mexico.
  • They speak Spanish and English! Communication is key between the client and the immigration officials. 

Contact an immigration lawyer at MexLaw for a personal consult; you will only have to provide us with the required documents – leave the rest to us!