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Canadians Retiring in Mexico 6 Months at a Time

So you want to live in Mexico, but you are not quite willing to give up the comforts of home? Although most Mexican real estate developments are much more luxurious than what we are familiar with back home, such as infinity pools and ocean views, still some Canadians living in Mexico are only spending half their time in Mexico and half in their home country.

There are some benefits to this lifestyle, including maintaining your home country’s residency and health care. You may enjoy your summers in your home country and then escape the cold, rainy winters by heading to Mexico, sounds like the perfect plan.

Summer in the Riviera Maya can be hot and humid, so some people prefer to head back home and avoid this type of heat. Most expats come from countries that have nice weather in the spring and summer and do not mind heading back to enjoy it.  Splitting their time 6 months here and 6 months there, allows Canadians to stay connected to their community and family and possibly a business back home, but still enjoy the benefits of living in Mexico.  The warm weather, beaches, a relaxed culture, amazing food, and a lower cost of living keep us coming back to the Riviera Maya.

Although, you can keep your home country’s medical plans intact, you will also benefit from Mexico’s high quality dental work at less than half the price.

By living in Mexico part time you may avoid the immigration and legal process, since you are permitted to stay for 180 days, you may choose to come and go every six months as a visitor. Canadians relocating to Mexico may stay 6 months at a time until they know this is the lifestyle they are looking for. Once they get to know which area they would love to settle in to and learn about the immigration process they make the final move.

When it comes to renting a home or condo, you will get a better price if you commit to a 6 month contract.

If you already own a home in Mexico, you will want to hire a professional property management company to ensure your home is being taken care of in your absence.

During your 6 month absence you may rent your home out as a vacation rental, this way your property will be providing you with an extra income.

Investing in Mexico’s real estate can be safe and easy, but you will want to make sure you use a reputable law firm to guide you through your Mexican real estate purchase. MexLaw can help you with your Mexican real estate purchase, yearly taxes, and even introduce you to other partner companies to keep your property safe. For instance professional property management companies and  insurance brokers. When you are ready to make the full time move to Mexico, MexLaw will help you with the immigration process as well. A Mexican law firm located in the Riviera Maya and ready to assist you, no matter where you are located.