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Airbnb Guests – A Captive Audience for Additional Revenue

Renting your Mexican property out privately or through platforms such as Airbnb can provide a significant income, plus you have the opportunity to increase your revenue by providing additional services to your guests. Your guests are a captive audience who are usually looking for many of these services; you may as well be the one to provide them. Your guests will be impressed, which also means positive reviews and return visits.

If you live in the area you have probably made some great contacts who can assist you with these services; it may be time to network to put these ideas into action.

  • Airport pickup and drop off is always an issue with travelers, if you don’t mind driving or hiring a driver use this opportunity to earn additional income from your guests, the guest will appreciate the convenience and feel more secure knowing they can rely on you for transportation.
  • Grocery shopping service, travelers do not want to spend their vacation in a supermarket, why not offer personal grocery shopping?
  • Meals, research private chefs in the area or provide basic food services such as breakfast or packed lunches for an additional fee. Suggest a special night of regional cuisine, for example, authentic Mayan food prepared in the home.
  • Daily housekeeping service, typically the home is only cleaned before arrival, but some guests may wish to have daily housekeeping for an additional fee.
  • Rent out bicycles or scooters to your guests during their stay. Visitors love to tour around exploring on their own and bikes are an economical and fun way to do so. If you are renting scooters to your guests, do not forget to purchase adequate insurance!
  • Paddleboards and kayaks – if your home is near the ocean, offer non-motorized water sport rentals.
  • Laundry service is an especially convenient service since most travelers prefer to pack light and take advantage of a free carry on bag.
  • Seek out eco-friendly, sustainable tour companies in the area; it may be possible to create a commission based relationship with them. Your guests will likely be searching for tours, dive instructors, cenotes, or whale shark tours and if you have done the homework for them you will make the guest happy, and earn a fee from the tour operator.

Other activities to consider, particularly for groups are; private yoga sessions, private salsa lessons, Mexican cooking class, and painting or mala workshops.